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Net Worth of Traci Braxton - She Comes From a Rich Family and Wealthy Siblings

Published Thu Jun 20 2019 By DGM
Net Worth of Traci Braxton - She Comes From a Rich Family and Wealthy Siblings

Born to the eminent parents, Traci Renee Braxton is a popular American singer, Radio and TV personality. She is the daughter of the well-known reality TV personality, Evelyn Braxton with her ex-husband, Michael Conrad Braxton who was once a preacher in a church. She was born on the 2nd of April, 1971 and is the younger sister of two siblings and the elder sister of three sisters.

Traci has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she accumulated from her professional career as a singer and personality of Radio and TV shows.

What does Traci do?

The third child of Evelyn has been able to gather an impressive net worth of $1 million. Being a R&B singer, she has given voice to various popular songs. 

Aside the singer career, Traci is also a Radio host and owns a show "The Traci Braxton Show" which has proved to be a major success of her career plus she gained a lot of popularity from the show.

A picture of Traci Braxton singing in an promotional event.
Traci Braxton singing in an promotional event. Image Source: Instagram@therealtracibraxton

Also a reality TV personality, Braxton was one of leading casts of the reality TV series “Braxton Family Values” which airs on television since 2011. She has had a fluent momentum on the acting field and earns a pretty good amount of dollars from it.

Successful Career as a Singer

Earning from a successful career as a singer, Renee has sang different songs like Broken Things, Hoding On and The Boss. She has been very devoted into the field an has given numerous back to back hit songs which provided her with good deal of money. She also signed a record deal with Arista Records along with her sisters which showered the siblings with a lot of money.

Renee Lives A Lavish Life

The 48 years old (as of June 2019) singer and famous TV personality lives a luxurious life for sure because of such a thrilling net worth. From wearing expensive and branded clothes, she has it all and lives a royal-like life in U.S. 

We can see her flaunting her gorgeous body wearing high-branded dresses and highly expensive jewelries on her social sites. She is a master of her own and likes to spend her money on her own will. Why wouldn't she? After all, you are the king of yourself.

A picture of Traci Braxton in a pic one piece.
Traci Braxton in expensive designer one piece. 
Image Source: Instagram@therealtracibraxton

Traci Comes From a Rich Family

The 'What About Love?' singer is the daughter of a rich mom and dad. Traci's mother, Evelyn Braxton is a renown reality TV personality who has a whopping net worth of $1 million. She was gifted an expensive car by her third child on her birthday. 

A picture of the Braxton sisters posing.
The Braxton sisters. Image Source: Instagram@therealtracibraxton

Talking about her father, Michael Braxton Sr. worked throughout his career at Baltimore Gas & Electric and as a Methodist clergyman. He accumulated a good amount of assets from his working life and loves travelling to enjoy his retirement from his earning. He rides a a 2010 candy apple red Corvette which gives us the hint that he is an old school person and loves to remain in the 60s.

Traci's Siblings Are Wealthy

Traci has a total of five siblings; two elder siblings and three younger sisters. Her elder sister, Toni Braxton holds a massive net worth of $14 million and her younger sister, Tamar Braxton has a fortune of $8 million which means that she is not so far behind her eldest sister.

Trina Braxton, the younger sister of Traci has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Furthermore, Towanda Braxton, also a younger sister of her holds a chilling assets worth $300,000. Lastly, Renee's elder brother, Michael Conrad Braxton Jr. is also a rich person. Hence, all five siblings of Traci are very wealthy and combine to a great, great net worth for the Braxton family.

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