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Net Worth of Trina Braxton - Comes From Wealthy Family and Rich Siblings

Published Thu Jun 20 2019 By DGM
Net Worth of Trina Braxton - Comes From Wealthy Family and Rich Siblings

The American singer and reality television personality Trina Braxton is the fifth child and the fourth daughter of the prominent reality TV personality, Evelyn Braxton with her ex-husband, Michael Conrad Braxton.

Trina holds a thrilling net worth of $3 million which she has gathered from her professional life as a singer, actress and a reality TV personality. 

Net Worth and Earnings of Trina Braxton

The second youngest child of the Braxton family, Trina Braxton's net worth is estimated around $3 million. She accumulates such huge amount from her different endeavors of earning. Whether it is from acting or from singing, she has earned a considerable amount of dollars from every field. 

Trina is involved in singing field after forming a band with her sisters which sang pop, R&B and gospel songs. She is also one of the main casts of the reality TV show "Braxton Family Values" from where she earns a nice deal of money. 

A picture of Trina Braxton in Sister Cycle.
Trina Braxton in Sister Cycle. 
Image Source: Instagram@trinabraxton1

Keeping the acting and singing profession aside, Trina is also the owner of a restaurant "Bar Chix" where she has invested a lot of bucks and is reasonably earning a major portion of her earning from it. 

The fortune of Trina is rising in a very amazing manner every year. She was worth $2.2 million back in 2016 which later on increased to $3 million in 2019. If the pace continues on, we shall witness her becoming a billionaire too.

Trina Comes From A Wealthy Family

The family of Trina is wealthy and is hence worth million dollars. Her mother, Evelyn Braxton who is an active TV personality has a net worth of $1 million. 

Moving on to the father of Trina, Michael Conrad Braxton Sr. is a well-established person himself and hence, earned a great deal of money till his retirement. He rides a a 2010 candy apple red Corvette showing his evergreen love for the 60s.

Earning From the "Bar Chix" Restaurant

As we mentioned earlier, the mother of two also owns the restaurant 'Bar Chix' which serves delicious food items and drinks to its customer at prices ranging from $11-$30. Well, that's considerably cheaper if compared to other expensive restaurants. 

A picture of Trina Braxton and her staffs in her restaurant "Bar Chix".
Trina Braxton and her staffs in her restaurant "Bar Chix". Image Source: Steed Media

The bar has established a good name for itself and gets positive regards from its satisfied consumers. Moreover, if you are a lover of music and karaoke then you can consider visiting there as it hosts Karaoke nights, gigs, etc. You can reserve your table via booking from their website and enjoy your time with delicious food items and entertainment if you are interested. The success of the restaurant indicates that the earning from it contributes to Trina's net worth.

Trina's Siblings Are Very Rich

Not only Trina, her siblings are also very rich and hold net worth of millions. Starting with her elder sister, Toni Braxton's worth $10 million and her elder brother, Michael Conrad Braxton Jr. also earns a good amount of dollars. Furthermore, her another elder sister, Traci Braxton holds a fortune of $1 million. 

Towanda  Braxton, Trina's third elder sister has an estimated net worth of negative $300,000. Lastly, the youngest child and daughter of the Evelyn, Tamar Braxton holds a thrilling fortune of $3 million. 

Earning as a Host of Sister Cycle 

Trina is also a host of the popular TV program Sister Cycle which is a daily talk show. The other hosts of the show are Rashan Ali, Quad Webb-Lunceford and Syleena Johnson. We assume that Braxton earns a high amount of bucks from the show.

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