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10 Facts About Model Rose Costa With Pictures and Proof – Everything About Her

Published Thu Jun 20 2019 By Samana
10 Facts About Model Rose Costa With Pictures and Proof – Everything About Her

Rose Costa is a Brazilian model born in 1998. Here are some facts and figures on Rose Costa and her life.

1. Rose's Baby Daddy is James Marsden

When in Miami for a short period of time Rose apparently cheated on her boyfriend of that time with THE James Marsden and got knocked up. James, at the time had recently been divorced with his wife of 11 years, Lisa Linde with whom he shares two children with. 

Their child was born on 14th December of 2014 and is named William Luca Costa Marsden. The celebrity baby currently lives with her mom and is seen travelling a lot. 

Rose and James' child together.
Rose's baby William with baby daddy James Marsden.
Image Source: [email protected]

2. Rose is one of the Ford models

The tall and lean model towering over 5'9 ft and weighing only 140 lbs was one of the Ford Models. Ford Models are very well known for being successful and taking over the high end fashion brands by fire. Some of the successful Ford Models includes: Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Janice Dikinson, Naomi Campbell, Lana Del Rey, Courtney Cox and Margaux Hemingway.

Rose Costa in a photoshoot on the beach
The Sexy mama of one Rose Costa.
Image Source: Ford 

3. Rose's Possible New Partner

The model is throwing hints around like a confetti in her instagram. She has made several posts which might or might not be her new romantic partner and little William's new Daddy.


However, there is no name or a clear face of the mystery man to begin with.

Rose again posted this on her Instagram feed but the man is still unknown.

After her relationship with Lloyd Klein, James Marsden and a year long engagement with Skeet Ulrich, Rose has not disclosed any names of her Prince Charming to the public.

4. Rose's Net Worth 

Rose Costa according to various sources is said to be $18 million as of 2019. Rose is a Ford model and a professional Ford models are paid up to $439 per hour. The model owns a car and also a house. She is seen frequently taking a luxurious vacation with her friends and her baby.

5. Body Features 

The 31 years old mom has hazel brown eyes, perfect bushy eyebrows and a very sharp cheekbones. Her post baby body also had her fans shook. Rose does not look like she has a kid or is 31 years old at the least.

The gorgeous Rose Costa looks very young for her age.
The gorgeous Rose Costa looks very young for her age.
Image Source: Instagram @rose.ane.costa

6. She was the Maid of Honor in her Friends Wedding

Rose was a proud maid of honor of her friend Guimaraes Roberts' wedding held in the birthplace of William Shakespear, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. The model is seen wearing a pink off the shoulder dress which came down till her toes and hugged her body perfectly. Rose shares her happiness and blessing for Guimares in an Instagram post.

7.Rose is Good Friend

Rose is a great friend supporter and has her friends back always. The mother of one recently posted an Instagram story of a new eye shadow palette from Lancome and fellow model Chiara Ferragni. The palette is also Chiara's favourite from her collection and is called The Flirting palette. 


Rose's Instagram Story of gushing on her love for the palette.
Image Source: Instagram [email protected]

8. Rose Costo Loves to Cook

Already a mom of one, Rose knows her way around food and kitchen and with and for the post baby body she has, eating healthy at home is very important. Also for her five years old growing son, healthy meals is very important.

in Rose's one of Instagram post, Rose is seen cooking a meal at a restaurant named Restaurante Dona Lucinha located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

9. Costa is a Big Time Foodie

From a low carb pasta to spaghetti at a fancy restaurant, something we are sure of about Rose is that she is a big foodie. 

No Carb pasta for Rose
No Carb Pasta for her smoking body.
Image Source: Instagram Stories @rose.ane.costa

Her little man also joins her for her food adventures.

10. Rose is an Adventurous Girl

A model from Brazil who currently resides in LA, Rose has adventurous blood on her. She travels a lot with her son for just being a tourist or mostly for work. Rose is also seen out and about hiking and skiing and honestly there's no stopping the hot adventurous mommy. You go Girl!

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