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Facts About Naomi Nelson - Johnny Knoxville’s Wife and Actress

Published Tue Jul 23 2019 By Akki
Facts About Naomi Nelson - Johnny Knoxville’s Wife and Actress

Naomi Nelson is a film director, who is widely known for being the wife of an American actor Johnny Knoxville. She was born on Wednesday, 20th August 1980, in the United States. Her sun sign is Leo through her birth date. She holds an American Nationality and belongs to white ethnicity/races.

Here are 10 facts about Naomi Nelson.

Net Worth of Nelson

Naomi Nelson is a successful production assistant and director, who has accumulated a massive net worth of $4 million.

 According to Glass Door, the average salary of an American production assistant is around $41,508 yearly, where an average production assistant earns from $29k to $57k depending upon their work and skill.

Naomi Nelson spotted getting inside car after Charlize Theron's 40th Birthday Party.
Naomi Nelson getting inside her car after attending Charlize Theron's 40th Birthday Party.
Image Source: Zimbo

In addition, Nelson husband Johnny Knoxville is one of the top Hollywood stars with a net worth of $75 million.


Naomi Nelson owns a black colored luxurious 2015 Chevrolet Suburban car, which price range from $49,000 from $66,785 as stated in Auto Trader. Her husband Knoxville owns a black colored color Audi Q5, costing $52,400.

House in LA

Naomi Nelson lives in the lavish house in the Hollywood Hills Los Angeles, California, with her husband and kids. The house was purchased by her husband back in March 2005, which cost them nor less than $1.5 million.  

The couple also owns an apartment in Dayton Beach, Florida, which cost $1.8 million in May 2004.

Lavish Life 

Naomi Nelson has been living a lavish life with her massive fortune, traveling different places around the world attending event and programs and spending quality of time with the family as a vacation and weekend trip.

Naomi Nelson family attending the movie premiere 'Inside Out'.
Naomi Nelson with her husband Johnny Knoxville and kids in the premiere of Disney-Pixar's 'Inside Out'.
Image Source: Zimbo

Low Key Life 

Besides being part of the entertainment industry and marriage to one of the top Hollywood star, Naomi Nelson love to live the life out of cameras. Most of the time, she keeps maintain distance of herself from the spotlight except the time, while she is with her family. 

Husband - Johnny Knoxville

Naomi Nelson is married to a handsome hunk an American actor Johnny Knoxville. The couple got engaged 24th of September 2010 after she got pregnant with ninth month Johnny baby. The couple shares two kids together and living happily married life.

Naomi Nelson with her husband Johnny Knoxville attending SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration.
Naomi Nelson and Johnny Knoxville pose for a picture in SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration.
Image Source: Zimbo

Two Kids 

Naomi Nelson has two children; a daughter Arlo Clapp, and a son Rocko Akira Clapp. Rocko is the first child of Naomi with her husband Knoxville, who was born on Sunday night 20th December 2009, in Los Angeles. Arlo Clapp is a daughter of Nelson and Johnny born on October 6, 2011.

Body Stats 

Naomi Nelson is a beauty queen with an athletic body build, with remarkable black hair and deep blue eye. 

Entertainment Industry 

Naomi Nelson enter the entertainment industry as a co-director for 2009 Video documentary short documentary animation "Reel Grrls 2009 Productions" along with other 16 directors. After that, she worked as a director, and writer for short 10 minute historical documentary Fifth Star (2010) starring herself.

Production Assistant  

Naomi Nelson is very successful as a production assistant, where she worked as an assistant to producers for 12 episodes in fantasy drama 'Carnivale' in 2005. The show was created by Daniel Knauf starring; Michael J, Anderson, Adrienne Barbeau, and Clancy Brown.

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