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Leah Remini Plastic Surgery - Let’s Compare Before and After Pictures

Published Fri Jul 12 2019 By DGM
Leah Remini Plastic Surgery - Let’s Compare Before and After Pictures

The American actress and author Leah Remini has got Botox treatments. She is also rumored to have gone under the knife and got enhancements on her body. She is linked with surgery rumors like Breast Augmentation, Lip Fillers, and Face Lift.

Leah has denied all the plastic surgery rumors but openly admits to using Botox. She also says that she will Botox the hell out of it until her face needs a real facelift. 

Leah Remini Before & After

The 'Old School' star's facial traits, as well as her body, have noticeably changed throughout her career. Take a look at her before and after picture which is given below:

A before and after picture of Leah Remini.
Leah Remini has changed a lot throughout these years.

From the picture above, we can easily point out the changes in her face and breasts. Her face has become more toned and its fine lines have reduced to a huge extent. 

As for her breasts, they have also become larger at present if you compare it with the past. Hence, the obvious changes in her body may be the outcome of her alleged plastic surgery.


Sofia Bella Pagan's mother openly admits to having her injected with Botox injections. Though she exactly didn't confess to having Botox treatment, she jokingly admitted the fact via her tweet. 

As people doubted how her face is still so stunning in her late 40s, they started thinking that the eminent star underwent a surgeon's knife to get her job done. 

Reacting to those rumors, the New York native stated that it isn't plastic surgery, but she is going to Botox the hell out of it until she really needs a facelift. This clearly proves that she has been very familiar with the cosmetic procedure.

Face Lift

Angelo Pagan's wife has a face of 25 years old despite being in her early fifties. Critics believe that she probably had a facelift and enhanced her face gaining a youthful appearance.

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A picture of Leah Remini before (left) and after (right).
Leah Remini's face has noticeably changed a lot and can be seen in before and after pictures.

Lip Fillers

Kevin Can Wait Star Leah Remini, who is worth $25 million, is also speculated to have gone under the knife and got her lips enhanced. As she has a comparatively bigger pair of lips than before, people claim that she used injections to fill her lips up. 

Breast Augmentation

The former Scientologist is also speculated to have her breasts enhanced. Check out this before and after picture of her:

A before and after picture of Leah Remini showing the change in her breasts.
Leah Remini's breast size has increased a lot if we look at these pictures.

The picture given above is a shred of strong evidence in concluding that the "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology" author has changed her breasts' size. 

People Puzzler star's breasts which used to be of just average size in the past have become much bigger at present.

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