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LAHH Star Mimi Faust Plastic Surgery and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

Published Fri Jun 14 2019 By DGM
LAHH Star Mimi Faust Plastic Surgery and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHA) star Mimi Faust has done three plastic surgeries on her body and has also inked five tattoos on her body.

Mimi has been very open regarding her plastic surgeries and doesn't hesitate to tell about them.

Mimi Faust Before and After Plastic Surgeries

If we compare the pictures of Mimi Faust from the past with the pictures at the present, then we can notice some sort of transformation on her breasts, butt and belly portion of her body.

A picture of Mimi Faust before and after plastic surgeries.
Mimi Faust before (left) and after (right) plastic surgeries. 

From the above picture, we can easily point out that Mimi's butt was a bit small in the past and now has increased noticeably. Furthermore, we can also notice the transformation of the breasts size of the 47 years old (as of June 2019). Lastly, we can also differentiate the size change of the waist of Faust before and after the plastic surgery.

Breast Augmentation

The mother of one has openly admitted about going under the knife and getting her breast implants or augmentation done. Mimi did the surgery when she visited Dominican Republic back in 2016. As the surgery resulted in the desired manner, her breasts look much bigger and attractive than before.

A picture of Mimi Faust before (left) and after (right) breast implants.
Mimi Faust before (left) and after (right) breast implants.

From the picture above, you can clearly decide by yourself and notice the changes in her breasts before and after the breast implants. 

Butt Surgery

As most of the Love & Hip Hop stars do, butt surgery is the another surgery that Eva's mother has done and isn't ashamed of opening up about it to anybody. Faust had her butt implanted at the time when she visited DR for the motive of having changes on her body.

From the picture above, we come to know that the butt was smaller before but has now become larger and noticeable before. The implants have probably helped her in gaining a finely toned body and big nice butt, isn't it? 

Tummy Tuck

As most of you may known that Tummy Tuck which is also known as abdominoplasty is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin. Furthermore, it helps to restore weakened muscles to create a firmer and smoother abdominal finish. 

A picture of Mimi Faust with her plastic surgeon in DR.
Mimi Faust with her plastic surgeon in Dominican Republic.
 Image Source: Celeb n health

Mimi Faust who has a net worth of $2 million, in her visit to Dominican Republic, also had work done on her belly part. She had done Tummy Tuck to remove the excess fat and skin from her tummy area which has helped her to gain a fine and evenly curved body. People really admired the modification that the TV personality has made. Other LAHH stars such as Nikki Baby and Teairra Mari has also done this plastic surgery.

Mimi's Tattoos and Their Meaning

Here are the five tattoos that Mimi Faust has inked on her body.

A picture of all five tattoos of Mimi Faust.
All tattoos of Mimi Faust. 

Flower and Writing on Left Hand 

Stevie J's ex-partner has a flower tattoo inked on the back of her hand. The flower also contains the name "EVA" on the branch. Eva is the name of Mimi's daughter with her former boyfriend i.e. Stevie J. The flower tattoo symbolizes truth and purity of the person who has it. The tattoo was previously a prayer bead which matched to her ex-partner, Stevie J's tatt. Later on, after their breakup Faust replaced it with flower on a vine.

Flower Tattoo on the Lower Right Leg

The current partner of Tamera Young also has a tattoo of flower on the right ankle. It seems like that the flower is a rose. The flower of tattoo symbolizes hope, promise and new beginnings and the thorns represent loss, thoughtlessness and defense.

Tattoo on The Left Side of The Belly

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star has a big dragon tattoo on the left side of her belly. The dragon on female body symbolizes wisdom and strength.

Tattoo on The Right Side of the Belly

Mimi also has inked a flower on the right side of her belly. The flower is very small if compared to one on her right belly.

Writing on the Left Leg 

Faust has a writing crafted on her lower left leg which represents "UNDERSTAND ME". Some of the letters of the word 'Understand' are written in a reversal way but somehow are readable.

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