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GOT Star Kit Harrington’s Net Worth – Castle, Cars and Luxury Life

Published Sun Jul 14 2019 By DGM
GOT Star Kit Harrington’s Net Worth – Castle, Cars and Luxury Life

Kit Harington aka the 'Jon Snow' of the hit Television Series 'Game of Thrones'  holds an estimated net worth of $12 million. He has been able to accumulate such an impressive net worth as a successful actor.

While the role of Jon Snow has made Kit famous worldwide, he has also gained fame and money by giving his voice to the character 'Eret' of "How To Train Your Dragon" movies.

Net Worth & Earnings

As of July 2019, the net worth of Kit Harington is estimated at $12 million which she has amassed from his successful career as an actor so far. According to IMDb, earned a thrilling amount of $500,000 per episode of the last two seasons of 'GOT'.  

Huge Earning From GOT

Kit has been a very important character of the popular and successful drama series 'Game Of Thrones' or 'GOT'. He played a very valuable role as 'Jon Snow' in the all eight of the seasons of the series. 

Kit first started with a salary of £340,000 per episode which equals to $427,446.98. It was very obvious for the increment in his salary because of how vital and effective his role was in the series. 

Harington who was also known as 'King In The North" in the series earned an amount of $500,000 per episode in the last two seasons which were season 7 and 8. Therefore, it won't be wrong at all to say that GOT boosted up his earning and has helped a lot to gain what he has today.

Expensive Cars

If you are a millionaire, you surely will spend your money on the nicest thing that money can afford, won't you? Similarly, the 32 years old (as of July 2019) actor has a vivid love for machines. 

To clarify, he owns a Land Rover Defender 90 which he along with his wife, Rose Leslie, bought together as their wedding vehicle. The vehicle costs an amount somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000.

A picture of Kit Harington with his black 2019 Infiniti Q60.
Kit Harington with his black 2019 Infiniti Q60.

Moving on, the English actor also owns a great Jaguar F-Type sports car worth $61,600 to drive to his destiny. Not only that, but Kit also has a passion for motorcycles and owns a Triumph Thruxton motorcycle which price starts from $13,000. 

Harrington has a 2019 Infiniti Q60 he promoted in commercials which base price starts from $40,750. The 'GOT' made the line "You Know Nothing, Jon Snow" very famous but Kit Harington surely does know some of the sweetest rides available.

Wardhill Castle

Kit Harington married his long-time girlfriend Rose Leslie who portrayed the character of 'Ygritte' in the GOT series last year, in 2018. 

The couple got married at Wardhill Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. They didn't pick the castle as their wedding venue just because it was beautiful but because the castle has been owned by Rose's family for nine centuries. Yes, the castle which was built in the 1100s has been in the hands of the Scottish royal family for the last 900 years.

A picture of The 'Wardhill Castle' that Kit Harrington's wife owns.
The 'Wardhill Castle' that Kit Harrington's wife owns.

Majority of the fans of GOT said that the Wardhill Castle resembles a lot to Winterfell, Jon Snow's house in the series. So, as the property belongs to Kit's wife, Rose Leslie, it wouldn't be wrong either to say the castle also belongs to Kit.

Lavish House in Brettenham

The '7 Days In Hell' star, Kit Harington has bought a 15th-century property along with his wife back in 2017 for a price of £1.75 million which equals to $2.27 million. 

The mansion is located in East Anglia, England and includes stables, a paddock, and a barn. The house even has a moat that surrounds the property like a castle. He is currently living a lavish life with his wife there.

A picture of Kit Harington's house in East Anglia, England.
Kit Harington's house in East Anglia, England.

Checked Into an Expensive Rehab

Most of you may not know that the prominent star did check into a private rehab for stress, exhaustion, and alcohol use. He checked into an expensive rehab which cost him $120,000 a month which is a great deal of money itself. He didn't mind that he is spending such a huge amount for his treatment, all he cared was to be very healthy. So, by the expense that Harington spent on his rehab process, we have a hint on how rich he is.

Living a Lavish Life

Holding a net worth of $12 million, Kit Harrington surely lives a life full of luxury. From buying expensive cars and bikes to buying a lavish mansion, he has done it all. Wearing expensive and branded dresses aren't something new for the actor. Thanks to his thrilling fortune that is holding his back for good.

A picture of Kit Harrington and his wife, Rose Leslie.
Kit Harrington and his wife, Rose Leslie.

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