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Meet Billy Bush’s Daughter Josie Bush With Wife Sydney Davis – Pictures and Facts

Published Thu Jun 13 2019 By DGM
Meet Billy Bush’s Daughter Josie Bush With Wife Sydney Davis – Pictures and Facts

Josie Bush is a celebrity kid born as the eldest child of the former TV host, Billy Bush and his ex-wife, Sydney Davis. She was born on the 27th of August, 1998 and is blessed with two beautiful younger sisters from her parents.

The name 'Josie' is derived from English origin and is a girl's name which means "Jehovah increases". Also, it is a short form for a French name Josephine that means "Jehovah will increase. In both sense, Jehovah refers to god, so, Billy has kept the name Josie for his elder daughter is because god has increased his happiness in an uncountable way.

Net Worth of Josie's Parents

Josie is the eldest daughter of the famous TV host, Billy Bush who has an estimated net worth of $9 million. As a host of Access Hollywood, he earned a great amount of money from the profession. Billy also amassed most of his fortune from his successful career as a radio host. The father of three used to earn an annual salary of $3 million until 2016 before he was fired from his job due to the controversial tape leak from 2005.

A picture of Josie Bush with her family.
Josie Bush with her family. Image Source: Instagram@billybush

Josie's mother, Sydney Davis is a caring and well-experienced housewife having a net worth of $500,000. Besides being a lovely mother of three, Davis is a self-employed woman and generates quite a good amount of dollars from her own clothing line business. Furthermore, she had the privilege to share her husband's whopping fortune. As of now, the couple has divorced.

Younger Sisters of Josie - Mary Bradley and Lillie

Being the firstborn child of such a talented father, Josie is the elder sister of two young sisters with whom she has a great bonding. The trio of sisters is often seen featuring in their daddy's Instagram account where they share a mutual bonding.

A picture of Josie Bush with her sisters.
Josie Bush with her younger sisters. Image Source: Instagram@josiebush

Mary Bradley

Born as the middle daughter between Josie and Lillie, Mary Bush was born in the year 2001.The teenager has a boyfriend, Ellis Robert Kahn, with whom she is enjoying a very romantic bonding. The love birds often posts pictures with each other.

Lillie Bush

Lillie Bush is the youngest sister of Josie and Mary born on 2005. She is her father's little princess and is seen together with her father in events and functions. who is currently in her high school.

Josie Bush was a Drug Addict

Drug addiction is a very negative stuff and most of you might not know but Josie Bush was once a dog addict though into what kind of drugs she was is not known yet. However, it has been already over 3 years now and the 21 years old (as of June 2019) is all clean now. Josie let people knew about her recovery phase by posting a picture on Instagram captioning "29 months sober". 

The nephew of the former U.S. president, George H. W. Bush praised and admired his elder daughter's achievement after completing three years long journey of recovery from drugs. Sydney, her mother also didn't miss the opportunity to praise her daughter. Though Josie survived her way out of the drug addiction, her friend Jacob "Jakey" Koffman lost his life after being stabbed due to a drug dealing going wrong. We wish that she will continue her journey of an addiction-free person in the future.

Josie's romantic relationship

Josie Bush has been in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Jack Pucin, a Chicago native for nearly two years now and usually share photos with and of one another on their Instagram account. This reflects the eternal love between the two of them and gives us a great example. We wish that in the near future, the duo would marry each other! Pucin seems to be a defensive person because he was arrested for punching a man at a Transit Authority station in Chicago. So, anyone would less likely want to mess up with him and Josie's life. 

A picture of Josie Bush with her boyfriend, Jack Pucin.
Josie Bush with her boyfriend, Jack Pucin.
 Image Source: Instagram@josiebush

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