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Meet Doris Tennant - Georgia Moffett's Daughter With Husband David Tennant

Published Sun Jul 14 2019 By DGM
Meet Doris Tennant - Georgia Moffett's Daughter With Husband David Tennant

Doris Tennant is the youngest child and daughter of the famous American actress Georgia Moffett with her husband, a Scottish actor, David Tennant. She was born in the year 2015 and has three elder siblings from her parents.

The name 'Doris' is a girl's name according to Greek Mythology and means "gift" in English. The celebrity couple probably kept their fourth child's name Doris because they consider their daughter to be the gift of god to them.

Parents Net Worth

Doris is the youngest child of the eminent couple of Hollywood. Her mother, Georgia is an American actress who has an estimated net worth of $500,000 from her acting profession. 

And as for her father, David Tennant, he is a Scottish actor who holds a thrilling fortune of $7 million. There's no doubt the 4 years old (as of July 2019) is living a lavish life from her parent's net worth.

Lovely Relationship of Parents

Doris's celebrity parents, David and Georgia have been in a marital relationship for 8 years now. They got married back in 2011 and share four children together. 

They were first seen together when David starred as the father of Georgia in an episode of the fantasy show. Yes, you read it correct, Moffett was the daughter of Tennant in the show. But in real life, the two fell in love with and married on the 30th of December, 2011 celebrating the New Year's Eve at London's Globe Theater.

There have not been any rumors and news of controversies in the relationship of the prominent couple. The two of them have been in a very harmonious relationship and have a mutual bonding with each other. 

David even adopted Georgia's son Ty from her ex-relationship and gave him his surname. What a wonderful man he is! He inspires us that a person should love and care for others without being selfish.


Georgia's daughter has been blessed with four wonderful elder siblings which are given below:

A picture of Doris with her siblings and mamma, Georgia.
Doris with her siblings and mamma, Georgia.

Ty Tennant

Ty Tennant is the eldest sibling of little Doris and was born on the 27th of March, 2002. He isn't the son of David and Georgia together, he is the child of Georgia and her ex-relationship. This means that Ty is Doris's half-sibling. 

As the 17 years old (as of July 2019) boy is already a successful actor, he holds an net worth of $500,000 approximately.

Olive Tennant

Olive Tennant is the elder sister of Doris and her parents' first child together. She was born in the year 2011 and is the elder full sibling of the little one.

Wilfred Tennant

The second child of the Scottish actor and American actress together, Wilfred Tennant is the elder brother of Doris and was born in the year 2013.

Doris is Kept Out of Limelight

Being the youngest child of a rich celebrity couple who are worth millions, Doris Tennant is living a lavish life for sure. As many celebrity parents do not want their children get into the glare of media, David and Georgia have also done the same. They haven't posted much pictures of the little girl on their Instagram.

As Ty, the eldest child of the couple is an actor already and has made a name for himself, he has become a celebrity and the credit for this goes to David. So, we wonder why he and his wife are keeping their daughter out of the limelight. We would really want to get a look of the baby. She probably might be beautiful as her mother and smart as her father.

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