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Zoe Grace Quaid: Navigating Fame as the Daughter of a Hollywood Legend, Dennis Quaid

Published Sat Jan 20 2024 By Nancy
Zoe Grace Quaid: Navigating Fame as the Daughter of a Hollywood Legend, Dennis Quaid

Zoe Grace Quaid is famous for being the daughter of American actor Dennis Quaid and his ex-wife, Kimberly Quaid. Quaid has been in the public eye since she was born.  

Zoe Grace Quaid Wiki/Bio

Zoe Grace Quaid was born through surrogacy. She and her twin brother, Tomas Boone Quaid, were born on November 8, 2007. 

Zoe Grace Quaid's parents are Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Quaid.
Zoe Grace Quaid's parents are Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Quaid. 
Photo Source: Instagram

As of 2024, Quaid is 16 years old. The twins were born at 8:26 a.m. at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. Zoe, born two minutes after her brother, weighed 5 lb. 9 oz, while Thomas Boone weighed 6 lb. 12 oz. 

In a statement to People, the couple expressed their gratitude, saying, "God has blessed us." The twins were conceived with the help of a gestational carrier. 

The couple announced the pregnancy in May 2007, with the Breaking Away star sharing their excitement, stating, "We are both so thrilled and excited. This is something we’ve wanted for some time."

What happened to Zoe Grace Quaid's twins? 

Zoe Grace Quaid and Thomas Boone Quaid were brought home three days after they were born. However, shortly after their arrival, the twins developed an infection around their navel, leading to their admission to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a prestigious hospital in the nation. 

During their treatment, an accidental overdose of the blood thinner heparin occurred. This near-fatal dosage of heparin posed a serious threat to their lives. 

Although the couple didn't initially disclose this information, a source close to the hospital revealed the error to the media. The couple chose to keep the news of their babies being treated in the hospital private to avoid causing worry to their family members and relatives.

Zoe Grace Quaid's Life After Overcoming Challenges 

Zoe Grace Quaid is currently enjoying a healthy and positive life. Zoe spent much of her early years alongside her twin brother, Tomas Boone Quaid, in their hometown of Santa Monica. Both siblings are now attending school. 

Zoe Grace Quaid is with her family.
Zoe Grace Quaid is with her family.
Photo Source: The Today Show

In a March 2018 interview with People magazine, Dennis Quaid shared that both twins are thriving. He expressed, "My favorite time is actually when I’m in the car taking them to school. 

During breakfast, getting them up, you get to know them." Dennis added, "A lot of bonding goes on in the morning, talking about life."

Zoe Grace Quaid Parent's Relationship

Zoe Grace Quaid parent's Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Quaid, a Texas real estate agent, tied the knot in July 2004. They got married at the actor's ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana. Three years into their marriage, they expanded their family by welcoming twins via a surrogate in 2007. 

The initial five years of Kimberly and Quaid's marriage were joyful. However, troubles surfaced by early 2012, leading Kimberly to file for divorce in March of that year. Despite this, the divorce papers were later withdrawn by Buffington’s lawyer.

Over the subsequent years, the couple experienced two separations, managing to reconcile both times. Unfortunately, in June 2016, Quaid and Kimberly announced their separation for the fourth time, and this time there was no chance of reconciliation. 

In the divorce proceedings, Kimberly sought full physical custody and joint legal custody of their twins. After the divorce was finalized in April 2018, the court granted equal physical and legal custody of their children.

Zoe Grace Quaid's Half Sibling

Zoe Grace Quaid has an older half-brother, Jack Quaid, who shares a strong bond with both of his half-twin siblings. Jack was born on April 24, 1992, to Dennis Quaid and his second wife, Meg Ryan.

Following in the footsteps of his parents, Jack has built a successful career in acting. He made his film debut with a role in The Hunger Games in 2012 and has since worked in numerous hit movies and TV shows.

How Wealthy is Zoe Grace Quaid?

Zoe Grace Quaid, part of the affluent family of her actor father Dennis Quaid, enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. Her father, with an estimated net worth of $30 million, has primarily amassed his wealth through his extensive acting career. 

Zoe Grace Quaid's Father's Career Journey

Although Dennis Quaid faced challenges during his early days in Hollywood, he secured his breakthrough role in the 1979 coming-of-age film, Breaking Away. The movie not only won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay but also earned the Golden Globe for Best Film, propelling Quaid's career forward. 

Zoe Grace Quaid's father is Dennis Quaid.
Zoe Grace Quaid's father is Dennis Quaid.
Photo Source: Instagram

A few years later, Quaid portrayed astronaut Gordon Cooper in The Right Stuff. Despite not achieving great box office success the film received critical acclaim with four Academy Award nominations and four wins.

The 1980s marked a period of significant success for Dennis, with roles in over 15 movies, including standout performances in Great Balls of Fire! as Jerry Lee Lewis and the science fiction comedy film Innerspace.  

Facing personal challenges in the early 1990s, including a struggle with anorexia nervosa during the filming of Wyatt Earp, Quaid persevered and regained prominence by the decade's end. Notable roles in The Parent Trap (1998) and Any Given Sunday (1999) showcased his resilience.  

Dennis' career remained steady throughout the 2000s, featuring roles in The Rookie, The Day After Tomorrow, Vantage Point, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and Far From Heaven. His portrayal in Far From Heaven earned him the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male. 

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Quaid also took on the role of former president Bill Clinton in The Special Relationship (2010), garnering nominations for his performance.  

Dennis' television ventures included recurring roles in Vegas, The Art of More, and Fortitude. In recent years, Quaid starred in films like A Dog's Purpose (2017) and the religious film I Can Only Imagine (2018), where he showcased his musical talent by contributing an original song. 

Despite setbacks, including the delay of the biopic Reagan due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Quaid continues to make significant contributions to the entertainment industry. 

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