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Facts About Zerlina Maxwell - Battled Sexual Abuse in College

Published Wed Aug 25 2021 By praju
Facts About Zerlina Maxwell - Battled Sexual Abuse in College

Zerlina Maxwell is an American writer, cable tv host, political analyst, and commentator. She was born on 16 November 1981, in Millburn, New Jersey, USA. 

She is most known for her work as the Senior Director of Progressive Programming at Sirius XM. She is also recognized for co-hosting Signal Boost.

This talented commentator focuses on public governmental issues, political up-and-comers, and explicit legislative arrangements, as well as cultural-related issues such as race, women's liberation, domestic violence, rape, casualty accusing, and sexual orientation imbalance.

Full NameZerlina Maxwell
Date of Birth16 November 1981
Birthplace writer, cable tv host, political analyst, and commentator
ProfessionMillburn, New Jersey, USA.
Zodiac SignScorpio

Family and Early Life:

Maxwell's father was a microbiologist and professor at Norfolk University, while her mother held a Ph.D. She comes from a family of academics and was a talented student herself. She has a younger sister.

Zerlina Maxwell with her mother. Source: Instagram @zerlinamaxwell

She graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations in 2003 and went on to Rutgers Law School in Newark to receive her Juris Doctor degree. She received her diploma in 2013.

Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of political analyst Zerlina Maxwell is around $1 million. She makes her fortune through her successful professional career.

She earns a good living as a political analyst and freelance writer for a variety of online and print outlets. She was also a contributor writer for ESSENCE magazine for a year and a weekly guest on Sirius XM Progress.

Zerlina Maxwell. Source: Instagram @zerlinamaxwell

Personal Life:

Zerlina Maxwell was sexually abused by a friend of hers when she was in college. She did not become afraid and hide due to that situation. Rather she battled it and has grown into a strong lady. Her life change after that experience and she began to oppose sexual harassment and rape culture.

Furthermore, She made an appearance on Fox News's Hannity Show in 2013. She spoke on the sexual assault that women face at schools, colleges, and universities. She discovered hashtag authorities for social arguments on Twitter after learning about the usefulness of hashtags.

Her proposal was well praised, and she was awarded the 204 Media Excellence Maggie Awards. She keeps her personal life private so it's hard to assume whether she is single or dating somebody.

Zerlina Maxwell. Source: Instagram @zerlinamaxwell


Zerlina Maxwell began her legal career in 2004 as a paralegal at White & Case, where she worked for two years until moving to Kasowitz, Benson, Torris & Friedman LLP in 2006. She moved on to work Update Legal in 2008, where she continued to work while pursuing her law degree. She also worked as a Field Organizer for Obama's presidential campaign in 2008.

Zerlina Maxwell with her colleague. Source: Instagram @zerlinamaxwell

Furthermore, Maxwell began working as a writer for Essence Magazine in 2015, where she wrote essays about politics, pop culture, feminism, and other topics. She resigned from her job in 2016 to work as a director of progressive media for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Zerlina Maxwell continued to work as a freelance writer and contribute to a variety of newspapers and magazines, including The Washington Post, American Prospect, Huffington Post, and others, where she would openly voice her opinions and address significant social issues that are rarely discussed.

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