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Zen Scott Feldman – Corey Feldman’s Son With Ex-Wife Susie Feldman

Published Fri Jul 26 2019 By Samana
Zen Scott Feldman – Corey Feldman’s Son With Ex-Wife Susie Feldman

Zen Scott Feldman is the first child of the ex-celebrity couple Corey Feldman and Susie Feldman. He was born on  the 7th of August of the year 2004. Zen is 15 years old as of 2019 and is the single child of both his parents.

"Zen" means "Religious", "Religious Meditation" or simply "Living".

The name "Scott" means "Painted Warrior".

Parent's Net Worth

Zen Scott Feldman's mother Susie Feldman is a successful model, an actress, an activist, and a reality television star whose net worth totals up to $1 million. 

Zen's father Corey Feldman is an actor, singer, and reality television show star, and his net worth totals up to $1 million.

Having both millionaire parents, Zen is definitely living a lavish life hidden away from the public.

Parents Are Divorced

Zen's parents, Corey Feldman and Susie Feldman got married in 2001. This was Susie's first marriage while it was a second for Corey. 

Corey was  previously married to Vanessa Marcil from 1989 to 1993. They did not have any kids. Susie and Corey finally got divorced in 2014 after filing for divorce five years before the divorce date. 

Zen's Estranged Parents Corey and Susie.
Zen's Estranged Parents Corey and Susie.
Image Source: Dailymail

Corey and Susie met at a bar in January of the year 2001 and in October they got married. It was a very hasty decision but at least they got their precious son out of it. Corey and Susan are both married right now and are on friendly terms with each other.

Kept His Life Private By Parents

Zen's dad, Corey was a child actor himself and he knows how it is with a child and the media who is always tailing behind them. Corey and Susie both want their kid out of the limelight and have a normal and peaceful childhood with nothing to worry about.

Corey is also very thankful to the media for respecting their privacy even though Zen has had his few moments on TMZ. Except that, Zen is far away from the entertainment business just like his parents wishes.

Dad Was Friend With Michael Jackson

Corey, Zen's father was actually friends with Micheal Jackson when he was in his teenage years. As much as the news sounds nice to us, it actually is not. The father of one has talked about how he was hurt and frustrated by Jackson for being friends with him and later abandoning him when MJ apparently got bored of him.

Even though he and MJ were not on good terms, when MJ died, he held a tribute concert for him with his rock band named "Truth Movement" in a hospital.

Attended A Stan Lee Tribute Program With Dad

After the great Stan Lee passed away, a program was held at TCL Chinese Theatre on January 30 of the year 2019 to celebrate his life. The event was called "Excelsior! A Celebration Of The Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible And Uncanny Life Of Stan Lee". The celebration was held in California in the venue stated above.

Corey Feldman was also one of the attendees of the event along with his son Zen Scott Feldman who is surely a great Marvel fan. The father-son duo had their share of fun posing like Spiderman and acting goofy in front of the cameras.

Zen and Corey at Stan Lee's Life Celebration.
Zen and Corey at Stan Lee's Life Celebration.
Image Source: Zimbio

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