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Zellswag - You Must Know This Hip-Hop Star and Influencer

Published Tue May 26 2020 By Samana
Zellswag - You Must Know This Hip-Hop Star and Influencer

Our very own multi talented Love and Hip Hop stylist, Rodney Lasell Shaw, widely and famously known as Zellswag was born on January 29, 1988 to grace the fashion world. Been curious and keen on fashion since he was a little boy, Zellswag was born on Ohio and grew up to be who he is, in Hamilton. 

Here are 10 facts on Zellswag:

What's His Net Worth?

Zellswag has the net worth of $3 million. He earned his riches through his career as a singer, songwriter and a stylist. He is excelling in both of his career choice. 

Parents and Siblings

Zellswag has been a really private person when it came to his relationships and family. From his siblings, his brother Eric Shaw is the only one who makes it to his Instagram feed and we do not know if he has any more siblings or no. The brothers are happy and chilling together showing off their strong bond.

Got Fired From Love and Hip Hop

In the reunion episode of Love and Hip Hop, the stylist had a little drama which the show obviously adores. But the fight and the drama started to go out of hand with Zellswag punching Mister Ray taking out all the anger about their small beef. He was fired then and there and lost him his job which gave him the exposure he needed. 

A Musician

If you wondered about Zellsswag being multitalented, yes, yes he is. He is also a singer and has released many singles. All his songs can be accessed through YouTube and the songs are many people's jam. 

Had a Rough Start to His Career

He has been really open about his struggles before finally climbing the ladder and being famous. The ladders are obviously filled with thrones and Zellswag's struggle has been staying in a hotel. Yes, you read it right. Staying at hotels that cost him $125 bucks was Zellswag's kinda struggle.


Zellswag really is known to be sexually fluid and has been with both men and women. From dating popular women, like Divine, who was Rob Kardashian's ex girlfriend, to being secretive about his relationship and dating men and other women, people are really keen on knowing who will steal Zellswag's heart to keep.

Took Out His Mask

Thanks to COVID 19, Zellswag took advantage and became a part of capitalists who really rob people. He sold a mask, each for $40 and people were not having it. Just because it is cute, isn't $40 too much for a mask? 

Zellswag promoting his expensive mask.
Zellswag promoting his expensive mask.
Image Source: Instagram/zellswag

Loves Tattoos

Thanks to all the sexy half naked Instagram pictures, we got to see Zellswag in all his tattoo glory. He has a couple tattoos on his chest, neck and arms and the majority  coves most of his upper chest area. He has not revealed what those tattoos mean but since he has it close to his heart, we definitely think it might be something that means a lot to him. 

Zellswag showing off his toned chest and a wide range of tattoos.
Zellswag showing off his toned chest and a wide range of tattoos.
Image Source: Instagram/zellswag

Also a TikTok Fanatic

It did not take Zellswag to hop on the Tiktok trend and be great at it. He makes a majority of his videos either with his friends or by himself. He goes by the handle @zellswahLhhh Not gonna lie, we could never compete with him. Charlie D'Amelio who? 

Is On Triller Too...

Let us all not pretend like we have not crazily recorded a fun Triller video to laugh at later on, ever. Triller was a huge hit before Tiktok came over, but seems like the multitalented stylist got on the bandwagon of both these app at the same time. With equal great content at Triller as well as Tiktok, what else could be ask for?

Not to forget, he promotes his music on these apps.

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