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Zak Bagans' Sister, Meredith Bagans: A Closer Look at Her Life, Career, and Influence

Published Thu Jan 18 2024 By Marie
Zak Bagans' Sister, Meredith Bagans: A Closer Look at Her Life, Career, and Influence

Meredith Bagans, is the younger sister of television celebrity and paranormal investigator Zak Bagans. Despite maintaining a private stance on her early life and education, Meredith has garnered attention for her connection to the paranormal world. 

Meredith is married to Michael Mixer, and she is the mother of two children, Morgan and Maddox. Let’s explore the life of Meredith in detail. 

Meredith Bagans Wiki/Bio 

Meredith Bagans, born on June 4, 1974, in Washington, D.C., boasts a rich and diverse heritage with roots tracing back to Irish, Scottish, Italian, and North American ancestry. Meredith remains a source of admiration for many, celebrated not only for her ageless beauty but also for the positive impact she imparts on those who cross her path.

Meredith Bagans, is the younger sister of television celebrity Zak Bagans
Source: Digi Magazine

Her multicultural background adds to the allure of Meredith's persona, reflecting a tapestry of influences that shape her unique identity. Despite her impending milestone age, she continues to captivate others with her charm and enchanting presence. Meredith Bagans has a notable educational background, having completed her secondary education at Glenbard West High School. 

Further details suggest that she pursued higher education, successfully graduating from a university, as supported by reliable sources. Her life experiences have undoubtedly played a significant role in molding her into the remarkable individual she is today. Beyond her heritage and education, Meredith's accomplishments stand as a testament to her resilience and determination. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing a trajectory of continued success and personal growth.

Meredith Bagans’s Net Worth 

As of now, information regarding Meredith Bagans' financial status is not available. However, her brother, Zak Bagans, is widely recognized for his role as the primary host of "Ghost Adventures." Zak has achieved considerable financial success, with an estimated net worth of $5 million

"Ghost Adventures," first airing on the Travel Channel in 2008, has become a long-running series, spanning 21 seasons and featuring more than 230 episodes and 45 plus specials. In addition to the main series, Zak Bagans has been involved in several spin-off shows, further contributing to his success. 

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Meredith Bagans’s Career Highlights 

Despite entering middle age, Meredith Bagans, akin to a charismatic and confident aunt, continues to radiate a natural charm. While her exact profession remains a mystery to many, Meredith is far from reclusive or indolent. Her energetic and engaged nature reflects a willingness to explore various avenues of support for her brother. 

Meredith Bagans remains a source of admiration for many for her ageless beauty.
Source: Tech Magazine

Despite the lack of clarity about her specific occupation, Meredith actively contributes to her brother's endeavors and remains an enigmatic figure in terms of her professional pursuits.

Meredith Bagans's Relationships 

Meredith Bagans is a private individual who has actively safeguarded her personal life from public scrutiny. Despite being a married woman, details about her relationship with her husband, Michael Mixer, including their wedding date and location, remain undisclosed, underscoring their commitment to maintaining privacy.

The couple, blessed with two children named Morgan and Maddox, has admirably shielded their family from the media spotlight. While information about their private lives is scarce, it is evident that Meredith and Michael cultivate a loving and harmonious family environment.

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Meredith Bagans’s Family Background 

Meredith Bagans was born, in Washington, D.C. Her parents, Nancy June Knapp and Larry Bagans, played integral roles in her upbringing. Larry Bagans worked in sales, while Nancy pursued a career as an interior designer and stylist. Meredith has a younger brother, Zak Bagans, born in 1977, who is widely recognized for his multifaceted career as a paranormal investigator, actor, television personality, museum operator, and author.

Meredith Bagan with her husband and her children.
Source: Tele Magazine

While Meredith Bagans maintains a private existence, the details about her family background indicate that she hails from a family with diverse interests and talents. Her parents' occupations in sales and interior design, coupled with her Brother Zak's prominent career in the paranormal and entertainment industry, suggest a family dynamic rich in varied pursuits.

Who is Meredith Bagans’ brother?

Zak Bagans, born on April 5, 1977, is a versatile American personality known for his roles as a paranormal investigator, actor, television personality, museum operator, and author. Raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Zak graduated from Glenbard West High School.

His notable career began in 2004 when he collaborated with Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin to produce the documentary-style film "Ghost Adventures," which aired on the Sci-Fi Channel in 2007. The success led to the premiere of the series "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel in 2008, and as of 2019, it has run for 19 seasons. Zak also hosted the spin-off series "Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks" from 2014 to 2016, focusing on the aftermath of previous investigations.

Meredith Bagans’ brother Zak Bagans.
Source: Tele Magazine

Zak Bagans gained attention for his claim of communicating with the deceased actor David Strickland, including a recording on the album "NecroFusion." He expanded his ventures with the creation of a haunted museum in Las Vegas, featured in the show "Deadly Possessions," which premiered in 2016. The museum opened to the public in October 2017 and has received both acclaim and criticism for its exhibits, including items like Bela Lugosi's mirror, the Dybbuk box, and Jack Kevorkian's "Death Van."

In 2021, Zak Bagans announced his involvement in "The Haunted Museum," a horror anthology show to be broadcast on the Discovery+ Channel. Aside from his television ventures, Zak has co-written books, including "Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew" and "Ghost-Hunting For Dummies."

Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Zak Bagans has been recognized for his contributions, receiving the Las Vegas Mayor's Award for historic preservation and adaptive reuse for his museum in 2018. His personal life remains relatively private, with details about his previous residence in Summerlin, Nevada, and his current residence in Las Vegas.

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