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Zac Efron’s Plastic Surgeries and Teeth Modification

Published Mon Aug 19 2019 By DGM
Zac Efron’s Plastic Surgeries and Teeth Modification

The American actor Zac Efron who is best known as Phillip Carlyle of 'The Greatest Showman' is linked with different rumors of going under the knife and having four plastic surgeries.

Zac hasn't officially confirmed about his surgery rumors which shows his reluctance to talk about them. Here is a detailed analysis of the possible surgeries that he may have gone through:

Zac Efron Before and After Surgeries

Zac Efron has actually changed a lot throughout his career so critics claim that he has really used the surgeon's knife on his body. Here is a picture of him from present and past:

A picture of Zac Efron before (left) and after (right).
Zac Efron before (left) and after (right).

The picture does much of a work when it comes to noticing the changes on Zac's face. He is rumored to have done plastic surgeries like Botox, Nose Job, Dental Surgery, and Dental Surgery.

Nose Job

The  'Baywatch' star Efron has also been alleged to have a nose job to modify the way his nose appears. He had a different nose in the past and the one that he currently has is totally unique from that which itself indicates towards the use of a Rhinoplasty surgery.

Zac used to have a bit thicker nose in his younger days and has a thinner at present. This could be because of the job that he had on his nose. But it could also be the result of aging because your facial structure changes a lot as you become mature.

Dental Surgery

The 31 years old actor, Zac Efron, has supposedly had a dental surgery and fixed his teeth. It is because he used to have a small gap between his two upper front teeth. 

Currently, the gap is no longer there and teeth appear perfectly fine as if nothing had been there before. Take a look at the picture below and know for yourself:

A picture of Zac Efron before (left) and afer (right).
Zac Efron before (left) and afer (right).

From the above picture, we can easily differentiate that Efron's front teeth were totally different in the past with a small gap between them. And in the picture from the present, we can see that his teeth have been perfectly shaped as if they were naturally like that. Hence, it is true that he had a dental surgery and reduced the gap between his front teeth.

Jaw / Chin Surgery

Zac Efron is also rumored to have his jaw line and chin modified via cosmetic surgery. People believe that he had his jaw line reduced using the jaw surgery as his chin and jaw line were totally different in the past if compared to that of the present. 

However, it can also be an outcome of his aging process because men's physique is more muscular than that of women. Therefore, it is also possible that he did not necessarily had to re-modify his jaw and chin.


Botox is something that the Hollywood actor is speculated to have used on his face most of the time. People say that the actor has used too many of Botox injections on his face and it wasn't suiting him. 

The cosmetic injections which are used to regain the glorifying skin of a teenager at the age of 30 have become the topic of debate on whether Zac used them or not. 

Being 31 years old and having no wrinkles and fine lines on face is what let us in thinking that he had used the injections on his face. If it isn't true then we would really want to know how he is maintaining his face so incredibly.

A picture of Zac Efron.
Zac Efron has a youthful face which makes us doubt if he had Botox injections.

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