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Get to Know Late Yusef Rasheed - Facts and Photos of Oracene Price's Former Husband

Published Tue Feb 09 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Late Yusef Rasheed - Facts and Photos of Oracene Price's Former Husband

Yusef Rasheed became famous as the former husband of Oracene Price. His wife is the coach and mother of two popular tennis players Venus Williams and Serena Williams. The couple married for seven years of married life until his death. 

People are curious about Price's late husband, Yusef Rasheed. Below, there is a collection of some information that may help you know about him. 

Former Wife: Oracene Price

Mr. Rasheed and tennis coach, Oracene Price exchanged their vows in 1972 as a small, private ceremony. The two were in a long-term relationship before their wedding. 

Both were happy with their marriage and welcomed three children. Sadly, they couldn't spend a lifetime love life due to the death of Yusef within seven years of married life. 

Former wife Oracene Price.
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Cause of Death 

Oracene Price and three children of them have to pass from the tragic phase. When Yusef Rasheed died in 1979 due to a sudden heart stroke. At that time Price handled all the things and their kids as a strong mother and wife. 

Has Three Children 

He is the father of three beautiful daughters. His first child is Yetunde Price, born on 9th August 1972, in Saginaw Michigan. She was a registered nurse, a beauty salon owner, and an assistant of half-sisters. 

Likewise, the second daughter Lyndrea Price came into this world in 1973. She is a creative executive for the translation website plugin company, 'Lezchat', and also a model. 

His youngest daughter, Isha Price, was born on 18th February 1975. Isha is working as a helping hand for the underprivileged communities and humanitarian works. 

Daughters Lyndrea Price, and Isha Price with their mother and half-sisters. 
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Eldest Daughter's Death

Rasheed's eldest daughter, Yetunde Price was murdered on 14th September 2003. The incident took place in Compton, Los Angeles County California. 

As per the prosecution, two members of the Southside Campton Crips street gang opened fire on the SUV where she was with her's boyfriend. The bullet passed into her head and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving hospital. The case was solved and the murderer was surrendered where Price was an innocent victim.  

The Eldest daughter, Yetunde Price.
Image Source: Elle

Price's Second Married Life 

After the death of Rasheed, Oracene Price got married to the American tennis coach, Richard Williams in 1980. The couple has two daughters Venus and Serena. 

Their married life was rough Mr. Williams was violating his wife, and also broke her three ribs. Then, in 2000, they separated and filed for divorce which was finalized in 2002.  They have joint custody of their children.

Oracene Price with her second husband Richard Williams and two daughters with him.
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