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About Yma Lemon - Pictures and Detail of Don Lemon's Sibling Sister

Published Thu Jan 07 2021 By Samana
About Yma Lemon - Pictures and Detail of Don Lemon's Sibling Sister

Yma Lemon is one of the sisters of the famous Television show personality, Don Lemon. She was born in the 1960s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Katherine Clark and her husband.

Here are a few facts about Yma:

Raised By Mother and Grandmother

As sad as it sounds, Yma did not have a father figure growing up. She grew up with her mother Katherine and her grandmother who surely did fill up all the space in her heart that her father's absence has brought on her. 

However, after a while, her mother remarried and she finally had a father figure whom she could look up to. But as for her childhood, she only grew up with her mother, grandmother, and siblings.

Two Siblings

Yma Lemon has two siblings: Late Leisa Lemon and Don Lemon. Leisa was the eldest among the three and Don is the youngest.

Leisa famously known as L'Tanya Lemon Grimes passed away in 2018 which really affected Yma and her family. 

Yma with her siblings and mother.
Yma with her siblings and mother.
Image Source: VladTV

Sister's sad Demise

L'Tanya Lemon Grimes, Yma's sister, who is also known as Leisha Lemon, passed away in 2018 when she went on a fishing excursion in Denham Springs, Los Angeles. 

She had tripped and fallen into a pond. She drowned in the pond and recently after the officials were informed who then confirmed that her death was accidental. 

Leisha's sudden death at the age of 58 was very painful for Yma and her brother. It was hard for them especially when they grew up together as each other's first friends and partners in crime.

Brother's Sexuality

Yma's brother's sexuality was something that everyone was curious about. Don Lemons, a CNN host who has his own show has been very secretive about his personal life which heavily includes his dating life. 

He was secretive about his sexuality to his family too. It was very later that he came out to his family and they wholeheartedly accepted him for who he is.

He was also sexually abused as a child but only had the strength to tell his mother about it in his 20s. 

Don Lemon's Net Worth

Yma's brother is a very popular television guy who has many people watch his CNN show. Don Lemon's net worth is $12 million which he accumulated from his career as a journalist. He is the highest-paid among all of Yma's family members.

Yma Lemon's rich brother, Don Lemon.
Yma Lemon's rich brother, Don Lemon.
Image Source: Bornrich

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