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Yeri (예리) From Red Velvet - Facts You Might Not Know

Published Fri Aug 06 2021 By Kri
Yeri (예리) From Red Velvet - Facts You Might Not Know

Kim Ye-rim (김예림) also known by her stage name Yeri (예리) is a South Korean singer of the popular girl idol group "Red Velvet" under the label "SM Entertainment. 

She is the vocalist, sub-rapper, and maknae (youngest) of the group. She officially debuted as a member of Red Velvet with other four members Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, and Irene in the year 2015.

Early Life And Family

Yeri was born on March 5, 1999, in Seoul, South Korea. She has her three younger sisters; Kim Yoo-rim, Ye-Eun, and Chae-run. She graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School. With the dream of becoming an idol, Yeri auditioned for SM Entertainment's weekly audition. 

She passed the audition and joined SM Entertainment in 2011. She then after four years of being selected in SM Entertainment debuted as a member of Red Velvet.

Net Worth 

The estimated net worth of Yeri is $2 million. All, her riches are from her successful singing career as a member of Red Velvet, her appearance in various covers of magazines, and her endorsement. She has also appeared in many varieties shows from starting of her career till now. 

Yeri dressed in the brand Burberry
Source: Instagram/@yerimiese

The singer also became an official brand ambassador of the make-up brand Notre Collete and Aprilskin in 2020. 

Yeri for the brand Notre Collet

She can be seen living a very luxurious life through her social media. She uses social media as a means of communication with her fans as well as a way to promote herself. She is recognized by various brands due to these reasons. 

Rumored Relationship With NCT's Taeyong 

The maknae Yeri was once rumored to be dating in secret, her labelmate Taeyong of NCT since 2016. The rumors circulated more when Yeri posted a picture with the caption "Yo-O-ng I am looking at you like this". The fans assumed it to be the nickname of Taeyong. 

Yeri and her rumored boyfriend Taeyong from NCT

The rumor later was stopped when the two singers sat beside each other at Seoul Music Award in 2019. The fans stopped suspecting them dating as anyone in a secret relation would never sit beside each other in public.

Accident in 2016

The taxi Yeri was along with her group member Seulgi was once hit by a garbage truck. This happened when they were returning to their dorm at 10 pm in 2016. However, they both only suffered from minor injuries. They were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. 

Their agency announced that they will be taking a short break from their activities and will be on rest for some time. Seulgi was soon recovered very well and joined various activities alongside her members. Yeri on the other hand didn't appear for a long time in group activities. 

She later posted a photo with a caption saying I am okay now to not make her fan worry about her fan anymore. The reason behind Yeri taking a long time break was due to her suffering from emotional trauma. She was physically all healed but the accident left her with trauma for which she took some time off from her career.

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