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Yelawolf's $4.5 Million Net Worth- From Pennyless to Millionaire | Know His Financial Details

Published Wed Aug 12 2020 By binit
Yelawolf's $4.5 Million Net Worth-  From Pennyless to Millionaire | Know His Financial Details

Michael Wayne Atha is a famous American rapper who is known as Yelawolf as his stage name and has a Net Worth of $4.5 million. He is not only a rapper but also a songwriter, singer, fashion designer, and a business owner.

He was able to accumulate the amount through his hard work, passion, love, and talent for his job. He was also able to accumulate this amount through the work in other fields like songwriting, designing, and business.

Birth of Yelawolf (Penny Less Experience)

The mother of Yelawolf was just at the age of 15 while giving birth to him, he was born on 30 December 1979. He and his mother moved to Ana Touch Tennessee just outside of Nashville, where he became obsessed with rap and hip-hop. 

He also learned and experienced many things from that place like a lot of poverty, a lot of violence, people dealing with addictions, and so on. 

He was influenced by his favorite gangster rapper of that time which included IceCube. After some time he and his mother relocate to Berkely California and after a short period, he became obsessed with skateboarding. 

He wanted to be a professional in skateboarding but it wasn't taking him anywhere and had to lose all of his money. Because of that, he became homeless and started living in other people's parks.

Picture of Yelawolf.
Picture of Yelawolf.
Image source: IMDb

But one day his mother send him enough money to return Alabama, his mother had already left to Alabama before Yelawolf and was successful enough to send him enough money to return back to Alabama. 

While he was a little fed up he found a job online to work at a commercial fishing boat, he was happy that he will at least make some money so he applied for it and all the experience he gained was the cause of the birth of Yelawolf.

Expenses on Children

Yelawolf was engaged to his girlfriend Fefe Dobson in July 2013, she is a recording artist, they had 3 children as of 2015. 

The famous rapper loves his children a lot and doesn't want his children to face the same or other similar difficulties that he had once felt. He is well aware of the difficulties and has been giving a lot of facilities to his children to have a better life ahead. 

Yelawolf with his children.
Yelawolf with his children. 
Image sources: HotNewHipHop

Earnings through albums

Yelawolf has been able to create many albums and has been very popular as well. Yelawolf created an album Radioactive in the year 2011 and was able to accumulate an estimated amount of $208 thousand. In the year 2012, he created Trunk Muzik 0-60 and was able to accumulate $210 thousand, the album Shady XV was able to earn $500 thousand in the year 2014.

The cover picture of the album Radioactive.
The cover picture of the album Radioactive.
Image source: Album Cover Stickers

Least earning album 

In the year 2015, Yelawolf created an album Love Story which wasn't able to meet his expectation. The album was able to earn a small amount of money as a comparison to the other albums he had made. The album Love Story was able to earn only $65thousand and wasn't so popular among teenagers. 

The cover picture of the album Love Story.
The cover picture of the album Love Story.
Image source: wolffhaus

Forming a team with KORN

Both Yelawolf and Korn have formed a team to create a song for the tribute of Charlie Daniels. Korn has decided to keep his cover song in one of the songs of Charlie "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". Both the partners have decided to give the 100% 0f the profit earned by the song to the non-profit businesses.  

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