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Yao Ming's Whopping $120 MIllion Net Worth - Owns NBA Team On His Name

Published Thu Dec 12 2019 By DGM
Yao Ming's Whopping $120 MIllion Net Worth - Owns NBA Team On His Name

The famous Chinese basketball executive and retired national basketball player for China, Yao Ming holds an amazing net worth of $120 million. He managed to amass such a massive fortune from his professional career as a basketball player.

Ming has earned quite a lot from Basketball besides all the fame and success. He was also able to earn a huge amount of money from the game. Here are some facts about his net worth:

Whopping $120 Million Fortune

The 39 years old basketball executive Yao Ming carries an astonishing number of $120 million as his net worth. The credit for such an impressive fortune definitely goes to his successful basketball career for both the national team and NBA team. 

Earning From NBA

Ming who played as a center guard player for the NBA giants 'Houston Rockets' made the majority of his net worth from the basketball league. He had a massive earning of $93 million as salary for the nine years he played in Houston from 2002 to 2011.

A picture of Yao Ming playing from Houston Rockest against Los Angeles Lakers.
Yao Ming playing from Houston Rockest against Los Angeles Lakers.
Picture Courtesy: Hoops Hype

Yao's average salary in a year from NBA was $10.3 million. He got the highest earnings in his final season with the Rockets as he gained $17.6 million in that season. Therefore, it can be said that he made about $100 million from the league altogether.

Lavish Mansion in Houston

From the time when Yao Ming was playing in the NBA, he bought a lavish mansion in Houston where he used to reside during the seasons. The 12,000 square feet property is located in Hunters Creek Village. The house has a value worth $4 million and is currently given to rent.

Cars & A Lavish Yacht

Talking about rides, Ming has a set of luxury cars which he drives which includes cars like BMV and Geely. Everyone knows how expensive those cars can be but it is nothing for the former basketball player. He just minds with riding the expensive vehicles. In addition to that, he also owns a massive yacht worth millions.

A picture of Yao Ming at the BMW exhibition.
Yao Ming at the BMW exhibition.
Image Source: People

Endorsement Deals

The Shangai born player also bagged some part of his fortune from different endorsement deals with trending brands like Reebok, Garmin, Apple, and McDonald's. These brands were his core sponsors during his time in the NBA. He would be showered with lots of dollars after endorsing the products of those companies. The famous media company 'Sports Illustrated' has listed that he generated $34.37 from all his endorsement deals.

Other Business

Apart from the NBA earnings and endorsement deals, the Chinese native also earns some of his net worth from his business that he has developed in different parts of the world. He has a big restaurant in Houston, US, and Shanghai, China each of which is enough to provide him money for small expenses.

A picture of Yao Ming's restaurant and bar in Houston.
Yao Ming's restaurant and bar in Houston.
Picture Source: Trip Advisor

Not only restaurants, but Ming also owns a winery based in California which exports a huge quantity of wines to other retailers every month. Summing up, the earning from his winery and restaurants also help his worth a lot.

Shares in 'Ablues Design'

The NBA Hall of Famer Yao Ming has also invested his money on shares which eventually rewards him with profit from time to time. He is a major shareholder in the famous Shanghai exhibition company, 'Ablues Design'. He is the seventh biggest shareholder of the company which initially assures him good shares of profit from the company.

Launched NBA Yao Basketball Club

Yao Ming spent some millions in launching NBA Yao Basketball Club in an association with NBA China back in 2014. The sole motive of the club is to provide proper and facilitated training to young basketball players. Though he doesn't make much money from the association, he is proud and happy that the youth of his country are getting to improve their game day by day.

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