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Get to Know Wylda Rae Johnson - Film Maker Sam Taylor-Johnson And Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson's First Daughter Together

Published Thu Feb 13 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Wylda Rae Johnson - Film Maker Sam Taylor-Johnson And Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson's First Daughter Together

Wylda Rae Johnson is famous celebrity kid, born on July 7, 2010, to an English director, actress, and producer Sam Taylor-Johnson with her actor hubby Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The couple delivered their daughter in London, England. 

The charming little Johnson, first name 'Wylda' is a German word, which means "to strive". On the other hand, the word is also a variation of the word Wild. Similarly, her second name 'Rae' is the pet form of Hebrew name Rachel, which means "ewe".

Parents Net Worth

Wylda Rae comes from a wealthy celebrity family, as her parents have a combined net worth of $36 million. Rae's mother Sam has a huge net worth $20 million from her outstanding career.

She is a director and producer of the critical acclaim movies and TV series such as Gypsy, Nowhere Boy (2009), and Love You More (2008). She is the brain behind the hit movie Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), which accumulates $569.61 million worldwide. 

A picture of Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson poses for a photo.
Image Source; Page Six

Wylda's father, Aaron is a notable actor and screenwriter, with an outstanding $16 million net worth. 

Aaron is 2017's Golden Globes Award winner for supporting role in Nocturnal Animals (2016), which grossed $30.31 million against a $22.2 million budget. The thriller movie features Aaron alongside other memorable stars such as Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Jake Gyllenhaal, who has $65 million net worth.

Parents Relationship

Wylda Rae's parent's passionate love story is real-life proof of the phrase, Age doesn't matter in love. The adorable couple has 23 years age gap as Aaron is 29 and Sam is 52. 

The duo's romantic relationship blossomed from when they met in the set of Nowhere Boy. The lovebirds dated throughout filming and announced their engagement on the night of their movie premiere, on 31 October 2009. After that, the pair shares Sam pregnancy news in January 2010 and welcomed their first child on July 7. 

A picture of Aaron and his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson.
Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson came together for a photo.
Image Source: Access

Likewise, the couple also had another child before they got married on June 21, 2012, in Babington House, Somerset. Despite the age gap, the level of understanding and love for one another is envious.

Prior to the lovebird's marriage, Sam already had two children with her former husband, Jay Jopling. The ex-couple exchanged the vows in 1997 and remained together until their divorce in 2008.


Romy Hero Johnson is a Wylda Rae's younger sister, born on January 18, 2012. Just like her sister, Romy was also born in London. Besides her, Wylda has other two half-siblings; Jessie Phoenix Jopling and Angelica Jopling.

A photo of Aaron with his wife Sam and children.
Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson caught on a frame with their children.
Image Source: US Weekly

Angelica is Sam Taylor's first-ever child with her former husband, Jay Jopling. Angelica is a half-elder sister of Wylda, born on April 24, 1997, in England. 

Just like her mother, she is also an actress, who appeared in Kick-Ass 2 (2013).  Likewise, Jessie is Wylda's other older half-sister of born to Sam and Jay in June 1997.

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