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Know All About Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher – Aston Kutcher’s Daughter With Mila Kunis

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By Samana
Know All About Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher – Aston Kutcher’s Daughter With Mila Kunis

Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher is a celebrity baby who is born to the famous actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. She was born on 1st October of the year 2014.

The name Wyatt is an English name which means "being brave at war". Isabelle is a Spanish variant of Elizabeth which means "God is my oath". However, Wyatt was named Wyatt randomly in a sporting event.


Wyatt has a sibling, his name is Dmitri Portwood Kutcher. He was born on 30th November of the year 2016. 

Dimitri with his Mommy and Wyatt with his Daddy
Dimitri with his Mommy and Wyatt with his Daddy.
Image Source: Height line

Wyatt loves Dimitri like her own baby and Ashton admitted that at a point he might have to tell Wyatt that he is not her baby. The brother sister bond between the two is very strong. 

Wyatt Partakes In Sabbath 

Sabbath is the seventh day of the Jewish week where people rest and takes a break from work. The tradition is followed from Friday night to Saturday night.  

During Sabbath, Wyatt is allowed a sip of wine and when his parents broke the news, people were not really happy with it. 

Mila also said that Wyatt has been sipping a little wine since she was born. The "No Strings Attached" actress is very committed to her religion.

Wyatt is Multilingual

There is a proof that Wyatt might be a prodigy child. Wyatt can speak and understand 3 different languages.

Mila's parents speaks Russian, Ashton and Mila speaks to her in English which helped the girl learn those language very well. The Kutcher's first child also understands and speaks Spanish.

Wyatt's Parent's Relationship

Mila got to marry the guy she had her first kiss with. Total goals. Ashton and Mila met while they were on the set for the famous sitcom "That 70's Show". 

To get on the show Mila lied about her age and when the two had to kiss, Ashton said it was really uncomfortable for him because she was 14 and he was 19.

Wyatt's romantic parents kissing each other.
Wyatt's romantic parents kissing each other.
Image Source: Instagram/_mila_kunis__ 

Anyway, the single individuals did not start dating right away. They tried being Friends With Benefit and tried the No Strings Attached method but later could not really be just Friends With Benefit and got the strings attached with each other. The couple made it official after playing out both of their movies in real life for 3 months in 2012.

The two have a very goofy romantic relationship and clapped back at a magazine which was randomly spreading things about them divorcing.

The video gave us and many other celebrities a good laugh which they expressed on the Instagram comments.

Parent's Net Worth

Ashton Kutcher is worth $200 million thanks to his successful career as an actor. He is a cast of many successful hit movies and sitcoms including the one with his wife "That 70's Show". 

Mila Kunis is worth $65 million also thanks to her prosperous occupation as an actress. 

The rich couple also has talked about hoe their wealth will not be inherited by their kids. They spoke about giving away to charities but not their kids. The pair, however will invest on their startup if they like the business plan. The couple has no trust fund for their two children.

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