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Interesting Facts About Willy Cartier

Published Tue Nov 01 2022 By dishant
Interesting Facts About Willy Cartier

Willy Cartier is a worldwide famous model known for his outstanding modeling styles. He was also chosen as the face of Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci Fall/Winter campaign in 2010, from which he also earned fame. He has also joined countless editorial and advertising campaigns for numerous fashion labels. 

He was born on September 15, 1991, in Paris, France, with the zodiac sign of Virgo. He holds French nationality, and his parents also belong to France, who has French nationality. And most of his childhood memories exist in Paris with his parents and siblings, and his parents were very supportive of his career.

Early Life and Childhood

The famous model Willy was born and raised in Paris, France, where he used to live with his parents. He is the son of Leah Cartier, who is the mother, and was a dancer. Whereas his father, Jack Servoz was an average painter and used to earn a certain amount for painting for their households. 

Willy Cartier, in his childhood, wore a great t-shirt with long hair.
Source: Instagram (@willycartier)

Talking about his education journey, he was a talented student who completed his school-level education at the Academy International of Dance. He was a dance, music, and theatre student, which also helped him enter the musical area. 

Career Beginnings

In 2009, Cartier began his career and became one of Givenchy's 2010 Fall/Winter campaigns. He was also involved with Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Diesel, and Benetton. He was also seen in magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, Apollo Novo, and Elle Man. 

He earned many fans and followers from his modeling skills and achieved good wealth by appearing in different magazines.

Willy Cartier taking a picture for his modeling
Source: Instagram (@willycartier)

Apart from modeling, he is also an actor and has played a small role in short works. He has appeared in promotional videos for perfumes by Guerlain and Diesel and has also been involved in music videos with several artists, Frank Ocean and Woodkid, for music videos. 

Relationships and Affairs

Willy Cartier, a famous actor, and model has at least two relationships in his past life, but he is now single and living happily. He may be waiting for someone to come into his life. There isn't further information about his personal love life. 

It is also hard to dive into someone's personal life and take out the information. But he is currently single and not married to anyone. But, he may have a good relationship with his ex, and they may leave for personal reasons. As seen on his Instagram, he also spoke against racism. 

Net Worth of $10 million

Willy Cartier is a famous actor and model who influenced many other people whose estimated net Worth is $10 million. He earns this hefty amount of sum through his profession and hard work. He has also worked for different magazines and made some money. 

Willy Cartier travels dairies in a black outfit with a black cap.
Source: Instagram  (@willycartier)

He lives a lavish life luxuriously without any hesitation or problems except for his troubles. Therefore, he may donate some of his money to different charities and save for his future. And he also spends some of his income traveling and buying new cars.

Hobbies and Interest 

We all have different hobbies and similar interests, so Willy also has other hobbies. He has a dog he loves the most, and he also painted his dogs and hanged on a wall. He also smokes, which is a bad habit. Similarly, being a model, he is interested in clicking many pictures in different poses. 

He also loves traveling and travels to many places for his photoshoot and posts on his Instagram. He also loves horses and goes to nearby places riding a horse. And he has a black bike in which he travels to go shopping and stuff. 

Social Media Appearance

Willy, a famous model, is primarily active on social media platforms, where he has earned millions of fans, followers, and fame through his outstanding acting and modeling skills. 

He also made money by posting pictures on Instagram. And he also has contemporary photographs on his social media. 

Only a real gangster can walk his mother to her future husband like that 

Willy Cartier carries his mother and takes her to his dad on their anniversary.
Source: Instagram (@willycartier)

He has nearly 200K followers on his Instagram, where he posts about his daily life. He is less active on Twitter and has almost 10K followers. And he also uses Facebook, for which he has around 10K followers. He doesn't have his own Youtube channel, but he collaborates with LP on one of her songs.  

Houses and Cars

Willy, a rich person, is living a quality of life luxuriously without any financial problems. He lives in his own house lavishly and happily with his parents. 

Similarly, he has collections of cars like green, black, blue, and grey. He also travels to lots of places in his car with his dog. 

Physical Appearance 

Willy is a famous model with a great personality and a sense of humor. He has inspired many of his fans and followers with his outstanding modeling skills. Similarly, he might avoid unhealthy and junk foods to maintain his body. He may be doing regular workouts and exercises. 

Similarly, he has a height of 7 feet 1 inch and a weight of 70 kg. He has dark skin color with long black hair, which looks good on him. He has beautiful black eyes. Likewise, his weight might have some changes according to looking good in modeling and on-screen. 

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