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Who Is Murray Hone? Find Out About His Professional and Personal Life

Published Fri Apr 28 2023 By
Who Is Murray Hone? Find Out About His Professional and Personal Life

Murray Hone is a Canadian former ice hockey player who gained some public attention through his short-lived marriage to Canadian actress and author Evangeline Lilly in 2003. 

Evangeline Lilly's ex-husband, Hone is a hockey player who has played as a center in the minor leagues in North America and Europe. However, despite his career, he came to the spotlight, after he was married to Lilly in 2003. But unfortunately, the couple divorced just a year later, in 2004. 

And now, after the divorce, Hone has largely stayed out of the public eye since his divorce from Lilly, and there is not much information available about his current whereabouts or personal life.

Hone's Low Profile: What Is His Net Worth? 

Murray Hone has made a conscious effort to maintain a low profile when it comes to his personal life and financial status. As a result, there is limited information available on his finances and how he has amassed his wealth. However, it is widely speculated that his career as a professional ice hockey player has contributed significantly to his earnings. And so, it can be speculated that he has at least an estimated net worth of over $1 million. 

In contrast, Hone's ex-wife, Evangeline Lilly, has made a name for herself as a successful actress in Hollywood. Her talent and versatility have earned her critical acclaim and commercial success, resulting in a net worth estimated to be around $15 million. She has starred in several blockbuster films, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Ant-Man franchise and the epic fantasy series The Hobbit.

Details About Early Life And Childhood Is Yet To Be Discovered

Murray Hone is a private person, and not much is known about his early life, childhood, parents, and siblings. He has remained tight-lipped about his personal background, and as such, his date of birth and educational qualifications remain a mystery to the public. While it is possible that he completed his higher education, there is no confirmation of this.

It is known that Murray's parents are American, but their identities are not public knowledge. Hone has managed to keep his family life away from the media and has rarely spoken about his upbringing or childhood. As such, it's uncertain whether he was raised in the United States or Canada, or if he spent his formative years elsewhere.

Love At First Sight: Toxic Relationship

Evangeline Lilly and Murray Hone reportedly met in 1999, when Lilly was working as a flight attendant for Royal Airlines in Canada. According to Lilly, she was on a layover in Kelowna, British Columbia, when she met Hone, who was playing professional ice hockey in the area at the time.

Evangeline Lily and Murray Hone
Evangeline Lily and Murray Hone. (Source: Seattle PI)

In an interview with The Lost Boys podcast in 2018, Lilly described their first meeting as "love at first sight." She said that Hone was "an incredibly charismatic and charming man" and that they hit it off immediately. Despite the fact that she was based in Toronto and he was playing hockey in Kelowna, they began a long-distance relationship and stayed in touch through phone calls and visits whenever they could.

Lilly has also spoken candidly about the difficulties in her relationship with Hone, including allegations of domestic violence. In the same interview with The Lost Boys, she described their relationship as "extremely volatile" and said that she experienced "psychological, emotional, and physical abuse" during their time together. Despite these challenges, they got married in 2003 in a private ceremony in Kelowna.

Hone And Lily's Divorce: Lily Married Hone Despite Him Being A Huge Red Flag

Evangeline Lilly and Murray Hone's marriage was reportedly short-lived and lasted only a few months. They got married in a private ceremony in Kelowna, British Columbia, in 2003.

Murray Hone with his ex-wife, Evangeline Lily.
Murray Hone with his ex-wife, Evangeline Lily. (Source: GhBase)

The details of their divorce are not widely known, as both Lilly and Hone have maintained a relatively low profile in the media since their split. However, Lilly has been open about the challenges she faced during their relationship, including allegations of domestic violence. She has said that the abuse left her feeling "broken" and caused her to struggle with depression and anxiety for years afterward.

What After The Divorce?

Following his divorce from Evangeline Lilly, Murray Hone retreated from the public eye and adopted a low-key lifestyle. While the details of his personal life and activities are not publicly known, it's clear that he has taken great pains to avoid paparazzi and media attention. Hone's decision to lead a private life may have been influenced by the scrutiny and attention that he received during his marriage to Lilly.

Meanwhile, Lilly continued her acting career and landed a prominent role in the popular television series, Lost. During her time on the show, she started a romantic relationship with her co-star, British actor Dominic Monaghan. The couple's chemistry on screen translated to their real-life relationship, and they quickly became a fan favorite. However, their relationship was brief and ended in 2007, leaving fans disappointed.

In 2010, Lilly found love again, this time with Norman Kali, a production assistant whom she met on the set of Lost. The couple quickly hit it off and started a committed relationship. They went on to have two children together, a son in 2011, and a daughter in 2015. Lilly has been vocal about her commitment to motherhood, and she has taken extended breaks from acting to focus on raising her children.

Evangeline Lily with her husband, Norman Kali and kid
Evangeline Lily with her husband, Norman Kali, and kid. (Source: Pinterest) 

Hone's Career

Murray Hone is a former professional ice hockey player who played in the minor leagues in North America and Europe during the 1990s and early 2000s. He played as a center and his career spanned multiple teams in different leagues, including the West Coast Hockey League (WCHL) and the British Ice Hockey Superleague.

However, there is limited information available about Hone's career beyond his hockey playing days. After retiring from professional hockey, he has largely stayed out of the public eye and has not pursued a high-profile career in any other field. It appears that he has chosen to live a more private life and maintain a low profile, away from the media spotlight.


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