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Facts About Wes Van Dyke - Barry Van Dyke's Son

Published Sat Aug 24 2019 By DGM
Facts About Wes Van Dyke - Barry Van Dyke's Son

Wes Van Dyke is the son of the famous American actor Barry Van Dyke and his wife Mary Carey Van Dyke. He is also an actor by profession just like his dad and grandfather Dick Van Dyke.

Wes was born on 22nd of October, 1984 as the third child and son of Barry and Mary. Here are 10 facts about him: 

What's his Net Worth?

Wes Van Dyke holds an amazing net worth of $600,000 from his successful career as an actor and painter. While he has amassed some portion of his worth from acting career, the majority of his fortune come from his painting profession.

Parents' Net Worth

As of 2019, Wes' daddy Barry Van Dyke has a whopping net worth of $3 million. He has been able to accumulate such an impressive number from his successful career in Hollywood.

Married to Aisling Van Dyke

The 34 years old actor is married to his long time girlfriend, Aislin Van Dyke. The couple share a lovely daughter Kyla from their marriage of nearly ten years and live happily together. 

A picture of Wes Van Dyke with his wife and daughter.
Wes Van Dyke with his wife and daughter.
Image Source: Instagram@wesvandyke_art

Two Daughters

As mentioned earlier, Wes is the father of two cute little daughters Fallon VanDyke and Kyla Mae. He had them from his marriage with his wonderful wife, Aislin. 

Was very often uploads pictures with his princesses. Fallon has grown up super cute like her mamma.

A picture of Wes Van Dyke's daughter Fallon Van Dyke and Kyla Mae.
Wes Van Dyke's daughter Fallon Van Dyke and Kyla Mae.
Image Source: Instagram@wesvandyke_art

Fake News of Grand-father's Death

In 2018, news and rumors took the world by storm which insisted that the Wes' grandfather, legendary host of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' died and left all of his lifetime earning for Trump Foundation. It was not what spread across the states because Dick wasn't dead and still living healthy. 

Has Worked in Movie Directed By His Brother

Wes has acted in a movie 'Titanic II' directed by his elder brother Shane. He along with his brother played in the movie and it proved to fairly successful.

Likes Painting

Besides acting, Wes is also an avid painter and loves painting very much. She paints many wonderful paintings and sells them for some reasonable amount of money.

Wes Van Dyke mostly draws paintings of natures and landscapes which are worth keeping on the walls of our house to make them look more attractive. He loves a major portion of his fortune from his paintings.

A picture of Wes Van Dyke with his paintings.
Wes Van Dyke with his paintings.
Image Source: Instagram@wesvandyke_art

Two Siblings

Wes Van Dyke has two elder brothers and one younger sister from her prominent parents. His siblings include brothers; Carey Van Dyke and Shane Van Dyke and sister Taryn Van Dyke. He has a very close bonding with all of them and very often spends her time with them.

Worked Alongside All Siblings

The actor has worked alongside all of his siblings in the TV series 'Diagnosis Murder'. He acted in the series with his two brothers Shane and Carey and sister Taryn. The siblings were very much appreciated for their work in the series.

Instagram Account

The professional painter has an Instagram account by the name @wesvandyke_art where he has gained a total of 1,263 followers and posted 350 pictures and videos till date.

Wes mostly posts the pictures of the paintings that he works on and some are with his cute daughter and wife. If you want to buy some finest arts to decorate your walls, you can go and check his profile for sure.

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