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Wee Man's $8 Million Net Worth - All His Properties, Cars and Earnings

Published Sun Jun 28 2020 By Aashika
Wee Man's $8 Million Net Worth - All His Properties, Cars and Earnings

The co-founder of World Cup Skateboarding, Jason Acuna aka Wee Fan has a whooping net worth of $8 million. He accumulated his massive wealth as a professional skateboarder.

He is also an actor and TV personality who is best known as the cast member of the American reality comedy franchise 'Jackass'. 

Here is some information on how Wee makes his net worth.

Sold His Mansion 

'Jachass' star, Acuna purchased a lavish house in Hermosa Beach which occupied 1,865 square-foot paying $1.325 million. But the mansion was sold in $2.37 million in September 2018. The house features 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms, a living room with an ocean-view, a rooftop deck, a fireplace, and an upgraded kitchen with a breakfast bar. 

Wee Man luxurious house in Hermosa Beach which is sold in $2,37 million.
Image Source: Los Angeles Times.

Purchase Mercedes Sprinter Van

After selling the mansion, he bought Mercedes Sprinter van which starting cost is $35,690. The van rides on a 144  inches wheelbase so there's a decent room inside and Wee Man makes the most of it. 

His Mercedes Sprinter Van.
Image Source: Twitter

The Sprinter's equipped with bathroom and shower, a kitchen that included a sink, stove, and refrigerator, and a comfy bench seat that folds to become a bed.

Income From Movies and TV series

As a comedian, Jason Acuna has appeared in numerous films and TV series through which he earned the maximum amount of money. He started from the film 'The Same and Grind' in 2003. He gains immense fame after he starred in television shows 'Player$' as Wee Man and 'Wildboyz'. 

Through then, he became a part of the entertainment industry and appeared in The Bronx Bunny Show, Armed and Famous, 24 Hour Takeover, Celebrity Cruises, and many more. 

Wee Man in television series 'Armed and Famous'.
Image Source:

Through Music Video and Producer

The multi-talented actor added some wages by appearing in music videos such as Delinquent Habits and Jamiroquai

Likewise, he served as an executive producer in Elf-Man and Left in the Desert. His upcoming 2020 onwards post-production TV series is Adults Only

A Voice Artist and Writer

Besides acting, Wee Man has given his voice in video games like Tony Hawk's Underground 2, and Jackass: The Game. His average salary as a voice artist is $76,297.

On the other hand, he also worked as a writer of comedy movies and short-films. He is the writer of Jackass Number Two, Jackass 3D, and Jackass 3.5. From this, he collects a decent amount of money.

Investor of Restaurant 

In 2010, Jason invested his fortune in a casual Mexican Restaurant named Chronic Tacos which is located in his hometown, Long Beach. After a few years, it goes in loss and later closed the venture permanently. Again in 2018, he began his chain of the restaurant. 

Social Media Earning

Being a popular skateboarder and comedian, he is a sponsor of many brands. He uses his social media account for sponsoring. On Instagram, he has 1.2m followers, 278.6k followers on Twitter, and 10k followers on Facebook. 

Whereas, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub, he earns around $2,270.25 to $3,783.75 per sponsor post.  

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