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Wanda Sykes' $10 Million Net Worth - Charges 10% of Viewership and Earnings From Tour and Albums

Published Sat Apr 25 2020 By Lewis Willman
Wanda Sykes' $10 Million Net Worth - Charges 10% of Viewership and Earnings From Tour and Albums

If you've watched Netflix special "Not Normal, then we guess you've scrolled Comedy Central, and even YouTube to see all her videos before ending up here. A phenom of a comedian, Wanda Sykes now has over $10 million in net worth, earned as a stand-up comic, TV actor, and from her numerous his discourses all over the world.

She was first introduced to the laughter game by comedian Chris Rock, as one of the creative writers for The Chris Rock Show. Back when, comedy was strongly a men's joint, she received a Primetime Emmy Award in 1999, as a best comedy writer for the same show. 

Later in 2004, Entertainment Weekly enlisted her as one of the 25 funniest people in America. Recently her most irrelevant and politically incorrect gig on Netflix was penned at a record setting $450 thousand. So, she is possibly the richest female comedian on the planet!

Charges 10% On Viewership

Wanda Sykes did a single show and made almost half a million from it, further she was given some viewership rights along with 10% purse of all attendants for Netflix stand-up joint "Not Normal".

Netflix special Not-Normal
PC: Netflix SS

She is also did an Apple-TV gig Visible for over $400 thousand for Apple TV. Likewise, her Netflix special Not-Normal was 2019's top ten billboard hits which means, she received over a million in viewership money.

OH Well Tour's Success

Sykes made over $5 million in her All-America tour named "Oh Well Tour", she filled theaters and stadiums in the tour and also sold CD's and airing rights which added a couple of hundred thousands to her account, just like the cherry on the top of a cake.

Wanda Sykes OH Well TourChicago Theater Show-down
Wanda Sykes OH Well Tour
Chicago Theater Show-down
PC Wanda's IG

The tour was successful and it looks like she is ready to do 4 tours a year, so 2020 is also set to bring her over a million dollars in every for-quarter. Which proves that her salary is around $450 thousand per show, for a fact.

She's been on Various Late Night Shows

Wanda Sykes recently appeared alongside Conan Obryan to promote her net-flix show, and she is also a regular on Ellen's show wvery now and then, she has to promote a show.

Sykes on various Talk-shows
Sykes on various Talk-shows 
PC: Glamourpath

These guest appearances don't necessarily pay the attendees but increases the viewership as all TV community knows they are having a show! So, one way or another the production company compensate their appearance for show promotions, regardless.

Wanda with Conan
Wanda with Conan
PC Sykes' Gram

When, Sykes appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, he outed that his wife is a huge Wanda Sykes fan girl, which adds one fun fact to Liza Powel O'Brien's life.

5 Comedy Albums, 15 Shows as a Writer, 45 shows & 28 super hit movies

Yes! The numbers don't lie, so far she's been a part of 5 Comedy Albums which are all super successful. Wrote 15 shows and even won a prestigious Prime-Time Emmy, added that she has appeared in 45 big and small TV projects collectively and was the voice of Granny in Ice age.

Wanda Sykes "I Do Everything" Netflix Show Not-Normal's Promo!
Wanda Sykes "I Do Everything" Netflix Show Not-Normal's Promo!
PC: YouTube

She was Dr. Karl in bad moms, so on and so forth. So, she has collectively appeared in 80 projects in TV and movie platforms kept aside her tours and stand up, so we can say at 56 years of age, doing over 100 successful projects is no joke! So, its natural that Alex Niedbalski's partner claims such a huge salary!

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