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10 Facts About Vivien Cardone – Net Worth, Siblings, Parents and Relationship

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By Akki
10 Facts About Vivien Cardone – Net Worth, Siblings, Parents and Relationship

Vivien Cardone is an American actress, who was four consecutive nominee for Best Supporting Young Actress, where she is very famous for her role in Beautiful Mind and Everwood.

Vivien was born in an ordinary family in Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York on Wednesday 14th of April 1993. She is the second daughter to Mark Cardone the long island residential house builder and her mother, who worked as a homemaker.

Here are 10 facts about Vivien Cardone

Net Worth 

Vivien Cardone is one of those young talent actresses, who has accumulated the net worth of $500,000 at the age of 25.She earns around $95,561 yearly as an American actress as stated in Zip Recruiter. 

Cardone has also worked in the Academy Award-winning film "Beautiful Mind, where the movie had a box office of ‎$313 million. Furthermore, she also collects a good amount of cash from advertisement and campaign global leading brand products.

Vivien capture in the camera on the set of 'Beautiful Mind'.
Vivien as Marcee Herman in 2001 movie 'Beautiful Mind'.
Image Source: Beautiful Mind

Name Meaning 

One Life to Live actress name is very beautiful,  Vivien is a French origin and means alive. According to some fan's speculation, her mother is a huge fan of Gone with the Wind actress Vivien Leigh, where she named her child after her favorite actress.


All Roads Lead Home actress has three siblings; two sisters and one brother. 'Olivia Cardone' is an older sister to her, where she is also an actress. 'Lydia Cardone' is a younger sister and 'Dallas Cardone' is a younger brother to her.


Vivien Cardone was home schooled by her mother with her siblings until she moved to Utah in 2002 with her parents. After that, she joined private Christian school in 2005 and later on, she transferred into public high school and got graduate at the age of 17.

Vivien Cardone attending 29th Annual People's Choice Awards in 2003.
Vivien Cardone spotted in 2003 People's Choice Awards.
Image Source: Getty Images /  KMazur/ WireImage

On Screen Debut at Three

Everwood actress made her debut on screen at the age of 3 months with ads of public service announcements about Vaccinating Babies, recycling, and cotton. After that, she also appeared in the TV Commercial for Pizza Hut, and Pillsbury, where she was also featured in Disney "Play Along" video series.

Hollywood and TV appearance 

Vivien Cardone step in the world of Hollywood at the age of 8, where she auditioned at the age of 7 and took the role as "Marcee Herman" in 2001 Biography film "Beautiful Mind". After that, she started to appear in American hit TV show Everwood, where she played over the whole series, with 89 episodes as Delia Brown from 2002 to 2006.  She has also done other TV shows like; One Life to Live and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Vivien Cardone in hit TV show 'Everwood'.
Vivien Cardone  as Delia Brown in American TV series 'Everwood'.
Image Source: IMDb


Vivien Cardone has an official website, where she uploads her photos, videos and music stuff including fan club.

Four Consecutive Nomination 

Vivien had been consecutively nominated for four times in the Young Artist Awards in the category of 'Supporting Young Actress' for hit TV series Everwood. Further, she hasn't won any single award even after she has been apart of Hollywood from such a young age, but it's sure that she is definitely gonna win some awards in coming days.

Brett Loeher & Vivien Cardone during The WB Network All-Star Celebration.
Brett Loeher & Vivien Cardone pose for a picture in the WB Network All-Star Celebration.
Image Source: Getty Images/ Paul Aussenard


As a part of Vivien Cardone successful career on Hollywood, she is an executive producer to the short documentary film "Ben Franklin Blowing Bubbles at a Sword: The Journeys of a Mental Athlete" (2012). The movie was directed by Jonathan Napolitano, where the film won Best Documentary Short Award in 2012 Nashville Film Festival.


Vivien Cardone is a multi-talent actress, who has performed: "I Whistle a Happy Tune" in 2003 for the episode The Price of Fame in TV series Everwood. She has also been working on her debut album DOL (Danielle Olivia and Vivien). Besides that, she loves to swim, play roller-blading, and dance.

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