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Virl Osmond – Donny Osmond’s Brother From “The Osmonds” Family Band

Published Thu Aug 22 2019 By DGM
Virl Osmond – Donny Osmond’s Brother From “The Osmonds” Family Band

Virl Osmond Jr. is the eldest child among the nine children of the patriarch of the Osmond musical family 'The Osmonds'. He is also mostly recognized as the elder brother of Donny Osmond.

Osmond was born on the 19th of October 1945 in Ogden, Utah the United States. 

Here are some facts about Virl Osmond:

What's his Net Worth?

Virl holds an amazing net worth of $1 million which he has amassed from his singing career as both a solo artist and a member of 'The Osmonds'. The success throughout his profession has led him to achieve such an impressive number.

Wife - Debbie Osmond

Virl's current wife prefers to be secretive. All we know is that he is married to a woman whose name is Debbie since 2014. He doesn't have any kids with her because he was 68 at the time he married his second wife.

Ex-Wife - Christopher Marie Carroll

Before marrying Debbie, the 77-year-old Virl was previously married to his ex-wife Christopher Marie Carroll. He married Carol back on the 21st of December 1968 and had a total of seven kids from the relationship with her. They couldn't hold onto their marriage much and they separated in 2013 making their own ways.

A picture of Virl Osmond and his ex-wfie Christopher Marie Carroll on their wedding.
Virl Osmond and his ex-wfie Christopher Marie Carroll on their wedding.
Image Source: Tobi Taiwo

Seven Children

As we mentioned earlier, Virl is the father of seven kids that he had with his then-wife, Christopher. 

Virl's children include six sons; David Virl Osmond, Joseph Virl Osmond, Aaron Virl Osmond, Jared Virl Osmond, Hyrum Virl Omsond, and two daughters; Virginia Marie Osmond, and Olivia Marie Osmond. He is the proud parent of his children and very often spends time with them.

A picture of Virl Osmond with his sons Aaron, Jared, Hyrum, and Joseph.
Virl Osmond with his sons Aaron, Jared, Hyrum, and Joseph.
Image Source: Nancy Jarvis

Was Named After His Late Father

Virl was named after his late legendary singer dad George Osmond whose full name is George Virl Osmond. Hence, he is originally called George Virl Osmond Jr. as he got the privilege to carry his dad's name as his name.

Born with Hearing Disabilities

Virl Osmond Jr. was born with hearing disabilities just like his younger brother Tom Osmond. As they were deaf by birth, they couldn't participate and sing in the family business of singing.

Hence, it was difficult for him as a child but he could listen a bit allowing him to study. Because of their hearing disabilities, he and Tom were only limited to the farming responsibilities of the family. 

A picture of Virl Osmond (the tallest one) with his siblings.
Virl Osmond (the tallest one)with his siblings.
Image Source: Heather Hunt

It is quite unfair that two of the children were born deaf while all others were involved in the singing profession of the family. It must have been pretty tough for Virl and Tom to see their other siblings sing but they themselves were only limited to farming chores.

Graduated at the Age of 51

Jay Osmond's elder brother quit his studies to manage the letters and mail that came to his brothers. He along with his wife, Chris 1969started helping their mom making sure that every mail that came for his brothers was read and decisions were made accordingly. 

It was a fun time for him because the majority of the emails he received were from girls who wanted to date his brother, Donny Osmond. They used to send a lot of letters for that purpose.

Because Virl quit his school to become the manager of their brothers, he couldn't complete his graduation. But that didn't stop there, he was strong-willed and he completed his study in Graphics Art in 1996 from Brigham Young University. He set a perfect example that if you have a strong will, you can achieve anything.

Suffered a Stroke in 2015

It was four years ago back in 2015 when Virl suffered a mild stroke leading him to being admitted to a hospital. Thankfully it wasn't much of a serious threat to his life and he recovered well.

Parents & Siblings

Virl Osmond is the firstborn child of George Osmond and his wife, Olive Osmond among their nine children. His eight siblings include seven brothers; Jimmy Osmond, Donny Osmond, Jay Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Tom Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Alan Osmond, and a sister Marie Osmond. He loves and adores his siblings very much and has a very deep and close bond with all of them.

A picture of Virl Osmond with his parents and siblings.
Virl Osmond with his parents and siblings.
Image Source: Orange Country Register

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