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Facts About Virginia Donald - Her Ex-Husband Shepard Smith Came Out as Gay

Published Sat Sep 25 2021 By Kri
Facts About Virginia Donald - Her Ex-Husband Shepard Smith Came Out as Gay

Virginia Donald is a socialite and a media personality who is popular through her marriage with her ex-husband, the Fox News anchor Shepard Smith. She was known as "Shep Smith" while she was still married to the news anchor. 

She is an actress, who rather became popular as someone's wife rather than an actress. Her name in the media remained as a title of "Someone's Wife". 


Meek School Of Journalism
University of Mississippi

Net Worth

The net worth of Virginia Donald is estimated to be around $500,000. The major source of her income is her career as an actress. 

She has played many minor roles and has appeared as the face of commercials. No other information except the mentioned information about the net worth of the actress is revealed to the media.

Relationship With Smith

Virginia Donald and Sephard Smith first met when they were studying together at the University of Mississippi. It was revealed that Smith was the one having a crush on Donald. They started out as classmates then friends and then as a couple. They dated for some time before getting married in 1987.

However, the couple's marriage could not last longer than six years and they got divorced in 1993. There was no child from their marriage. 

No other information about Virginia's love life is revealed after her divorce from Sephard. 

Husband Coming Out As Gay

Shepherd, when he was married to Virginia still had some doubt about his sexual orientation. Despite the doubt, he was married to Donald for almost six years. After many years in 2017, Shepherd came out of the closet and revealed his sexual orientation as gay. 

Shepherd Smith with his boyfriend Giovanni Graziano

After the big reveal about his identity as gay and the divorce with Donald, Smith dated the Fox News staff, Giovanni Graziano.

Some speculate the reason behind the couple's split up may be due to the sexual orientation of Smith, however, the reason behind the divorce is yet to be revealed. 

Failed Career As An Actress

Virginia Donald during her early days wanted to make acting her career, but life didn't go the way she planned and she failed miserably as an actress. She was just a minor TV host. Her profession as a TV host also subsided when she married Smith and just remained as a housewife. 

She after her divorce was able to secure some minor roles in TV shows but was never able to make her debut as a big actress on the big screen. She is now currently involved in social works and is working as a columnist on US social magazines. 

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