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Meet Vika Bronova - Ukrainian Model and Vegan Influencer

Published Fri Apr 17 2020 By Lewis Willman
Meet Vika Bronova - Ukrainian Model and Vegan Influencer

Vegan for life, Vika Bronova is one of the most attractive Ukrainian models, that you'd come across on your IG, entirely! Specializing in swim-suits, bikini-tops, ramp works as well as still-photo shoot, she defines the term versatile! 

Represented by Line-up Model Management, she is a tri-lingual model, fluent in Russian, Slavic, and English language! So, if you want to know the things we dug up on Vika Bronova, keep up with the digest, here!

Birth Details and Family

Vika Bronova was born on 5th May 1997 in Leopolis, Ukraine. The super-model is currently 22 years old, and her birth sign is Taurus. The Ukrainian fashionista hasn't revealed details relating to her parents and siblings, but she is a known tri-lingual individual who is fluent in Russian, Slavic, and English.

Childhood Picture of Model Vika Bronova.

Likewise, she is also a well-educated model who was pursuing her bachelor's degree in journalism, but she dropped out to pursue her career in modeling. She, in several interviews, has disclosed that she would still like to graduate someday and finish what she started. This hazel-eyed Ruthenian model is 5 ft 10 inches tall and is currently represented by Traffic Models (Barcelona).

Follows Vegan Diet

People say "you are what you eat," we don't know how much of it is true, but if you see Vika Bronova's profile, you'd love to go vegan, start doing hot-yoga and loving all beings. She is a very spiritual person; the spiritual feel even reflects from her Instagram.

IG Story of Bronova's vegan Diet.

Net Worth And Earning

 Vika Bronova is only 22 years old, as of 2020, and she reportedly has a net worth of around $700 thousand, earned as a fashion model, and touring swim-wear model. She lives a vegan life, which is a costly thing to commit to. Additionally, she hasn't upgraded her phone and still uses the iPhone 7 plus.

Moreover, she hasn't ever been seen without her gold neckpiece but is barely seen wearing earrings, which also speaks about her minimalist preference. Additionally, you'd see her wearing a baggy T's than wearing crop-tops, which means she isn't a nudist, but known her body very well.

Sucker for English Movies

Yes! She is a huge Tom Hanks fan, and on any day, she would love playing Hanks movies like Green Mile, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and Saving Privet Ryan. Added that, her favorite film also includes 1+1, The Godfather, Hachi: A Dogs Tale, Gone Girl, The Butterfly Effect, and The Hunger Games, to name a few of her all-time favorite American flicks.

Doesn't have a firm preference in Music

She is more of a radio hit person and can be caught listening to a wide range of musical scores. However, she usually plays Electro-pop, hip-hop, Soul, rock&roll, rock, and flamenco while exercising.

Good friends with Mariia Derevianko

Vika Bronova and Israeli model Mariia Derevianko are very close to eachother. Reportedly, she also shares a healthy friendship with another Ukrainian model Dasha Dereviankina.

Vika Bronova and Israeli model Mariia Derevianko are Best Friends.

Often Switches from Swim Wear to Lingerie

She is usually enlisted as a swim-wear model, but that's not entirely true; she is also a bikini and Lingerie model alongside being a ramp model for swim-wear. However, she loves outdoor shoots, which is why she is considered as a swim-suit model. She has said that she is a regular user of Chanel, Elie Saab, Givenchy, and prefers Miss Dior's fragrance. Likewise, she prefers casual wear when she isn't working.

Similarly, she also has expressed her desire to work for German photographer Peter Lindbergh and wishes to work for Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, when presented with an opportunity. 

Open About Dating Someone

Yes! It might come as heart-wrecking news to many of our readers, but she has been open about dating a guy for a very long time. Still, the details about her boyfriend aren't up for the grabs, as she wants her intimate relationships away from the media radar.

Tall-Thin-Zero Figure Model

Yes! She's got it all! She is a tendentiously beautiful model, who has a zero-size figure, perfect for outdoor shoots. She is a 5' 10" tall, long-legged model with below 7% body fat, which honestly needs a huge commitment.

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