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About Victoria Tennant - English Actress Who is Now Married for Fourth Time

Published Mon Dec 07 2020 By Aashika
About Victoria Tennant - English Actress Who is Now Married for Fourth Time

Victoria Tennant is an English actress who has been working in Hollywood for 46 years. She has also played in numerous films in British and other European countries. 

The movies like 'Alex & the List', 'Louder Than Words', 'Cold Turkey', and so on are some of the popular projects where she has done outstanding work.  

On 30th September 1959, in London, England, Tennant was born to her parents Irina Baronova and Cecil Tennant. Her father was a producer and talent agent for MCA and her mother was a Russian Prima Ballerina. 

Here are some unknown facts about Tennant.

What's Her Net Worth?

The English-actress, Tennant has an approximate net worth of $10 million. She made an impressive amount through her acting career. In 1972, the actress debut in the industry in the British film, 'The Ragman's Daughter' as Doris Randall. 

Likewise, in 1980 she played in the Hollywood movie 'The Dogs War' in a small role. Her career started taking a peek in the 80s, from there she never stopped being one of the top actresses. Victoria has been portrayed in almost two dozens of movies and more than two dozens series.  

Married Life with Kirk Stambler

Victoria Tennant is enjoying married life with Kirk Stambler who is her fourth husband. Her husband is popular as an actor, producer, and lawyer. 

The couple tied their knot on 4th March 1996 and became life partners forever. They have already passed their 24 years together and have two children.

Victoria  Tennant with her husband Kirk Stambler. 
Image Source: Getty Image 

Past Relationships and Marriages

Besides being a prominent actress, she was always in the headlight about multiple relationships with many well-known personalities. Tennant was married to Peppo Xenon, a nightclub owner. From 1969 to 1976, the two were the husband-wife and have not children. 

After the divorce from the first husband, the actress wedded a director and writer, Matthew Chapman. They were in four years together from 1978 to 1982. Her third husband is actor Steve Martin. The two met on the sets of "All of Me" and dated for a month. On 20th November 1986, they nuptial but they got separated in 1994. 

A picture of Victoria Tennant with thrid husband Steve Martin.
Image Source: Pinterest

Two Children

'Irene in Time' actress is the mother of two children from Stambler. Her first child is daughter Katya Irinia and the second is Nickolia Stumblers. Both are young focused on education for a further brighter future.  The two children appear in some events with their parents. 

Two children, daughter Katya Irinia and son Nicholia Stumblers. 
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Father was Killed in Car Accident

In 1967, Cecil Tennant was killed in a car accident which was Victoria's tough phase of her entire life. Along with her father, her two siblings, Irina and Robert were also seriously injured. Later, her sister and brother are survived and living a happy life. 

Tennant's Godfather in the Industry

The Hollywood actress's godfather was the late actor, Laurence Olivier. He was one of the promising actor and director for almost four decades. The British director has received four Academy Awards, two British Academy, Film Awards, five Emmy Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards. Olivier also helped to make a successful career of Tennant.

Trained Ballet

Being a daughter of the famous ballet, Tennant also learned ballet at an early age. In fact, she was admitted to the Elmhurst Ballet School, where she got knowledge about classical ballet.

An Author

In 2014, Tennant published her first book, 'Irina Baronova and The Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo'. The book was based on a memoir about her mother which was published by the University of Chicago Press. It was presented at the Bel-Air Country Club in Bel Air, Los Angeles. 

The writer of a book, 'Irina Baronova and The Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo'.
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