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Victoria Elizabeth Kheel aka Victoria Spader - Facts About James Spader's ex-Wife

Published Sun Feb 06 2022 By sijal
Victoria Elizabeth Kheel aka Victoria Spader - Facts About James Spader's ex-Wife

Victoria Elizabeth Kheel professionally known as Victora Spader is a popular Hollywood actress and had done her work as a set decorator for cinematic 19's movies. 

Elizabeth was born on June 1, 1959, in Rochester, New York City as the daughter of Lee Kheel and Julian Kheel. She is mostly known to the public as the former wife of well-known Hollywood actor James Spader.

Early life

She was born in a family which was already connected with the movie industry as her mother was also a former American actress and her father was a sound tracker.

 Talking about her early life she was raised in her hometown and was graduated from some local Univesity. 

Professional Career

As she already belongs from the movie industry connected family it was obvious for her to make a career in the acting profession. But her career didn't go as planned and after graduating she started to do jobs regarding set designs and arts.

The ex-wife of Prime Time Emmy Award winner got the opportunity to be the Art department manager and Set decorator of movies "Six, Lies, and Videotape Set Decorator" (1989) including "Jack's Back Art Department"(1988).

What's the net worth of Victoria?

Even though she didn't become a famed actress like her ex-husband James but she still gets recognization from the media and public through her set works in movies.

Victora Spader AKA Victoria Spader's total estimated net worth is $2.5 million dollars as of 2022.

How was the relationship of Kheel with her ex-husband?

James Spader and Victoria Spader first met back in the '80s in a movie set where James was an actor and Victoria was a set decorator. 

Their first made them to fell in love with each other. After being in a relationship for years they decided to officially tie their wedding knots in 1987.

 Victoria's ex-husband James Spader with his current wife Leslie Stefanson
Victoria's ex-husband James Spader attending Golden Globe Awards with his current wife Leslie Stefanson. source: @Fabiosa

These sweet couples often came in media and their bonding with each other was perfect until 2004 they decided to end their 18 years of marriage. 

The real reason behind separation was never been published as they were curious about their personal matters and don't want to leak publicly.

Is Victoria a mother?

Besides having an unsuccessful marriage former Mrs. Spader had two sons Sebastian Spader and Elijah Spader with her ex-husband.

Sebastian is a movie director and producer as of now he have directed extraordinary films of 20's Machete(2010), Slice(2007), Starting Over(2013), and many others.

Whereas Elijah works in a sound department and had shown his professional works in films"At Night Comes Wolves(2021), The Blacklist(2021). 

Victoria Kheel's son Elijah Spader with his wife on trekking
Victoria Kheel's son Elijah Spader with his wife Samantha. source: Instagram@elijahspader

Where is Victoria Kheel now and her ex-husband James?

After getting many ups and downs in life the 63 years old ex-wife of Satellite Award winner had been living a comfy life with her sons in Australia far away from her past relationships and media.

Whereas M. Spader had continued his acting journey and is married to his rumored girlfriend Leslie Stefanson

There was also a rumor, James' affair with this lady was the reason behind their divorced but the news just remained as rumor as of now Spader and Leslie have together a son Nathaneal.

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