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Get to Know Victoria Imperioli - Michael Imperioli's Wife Who is an Entrepreneur

Published Thu May 20 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Victoria Imperioli - Michael Imperioli's Wife Who is an Entrepreneur

Victoria Imperioli is a well-established Russian entrepreneur and producer. Apart from it, she has grabbed the limelight for being the wife of famous actor Michael Imperioli. 

Her birth name is Victoria Chlebowsko and was born in 1966 in Russia. Since childhood, she is an active student who joined a Private High School in California and complete college from Elite College in the United State of America.  

Let's get to know more about her:

Net worth: $5 Million 

"JOY de V" actress, Victoria Imperioli has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. She has earned this huge amount through her multiple sources of income. As the producer, her debut film is "The Hungry Ghosts" which was written and directed by her husband. 

In 2009, she became the producer of the TV movie "Circledrawers" and appeared in "JOY de V" as Laszla in 2013. Currently, she is a co-owner of a design organization name "SVE New York ", which is running successfully in partner with Sonya Chang. 

Lavish House 

In 2012 Imperioli bought a lavish house worth $2.649 million. It is a grand living place and decoration by herself which is located in Santa Barbara, California. 

The house is consists of two stories building with hardwood floors, crown molding and custom windows, a kitchen, and a big library. She is living a luxurious lifestyle with her happy family.

Victoria Imperioli and Michael Imperioli's house in Santa Barbara.
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Current Husband 

Victoria Imperioli got married to a famous writer, director, and actor, Michael Imperioli. This is her 2nd marriage, the couple dated for many years before turning into husband and wife. 

They got married in 1995 which was arranged a private ceremony only family members and few friends attended. Mostly, they captured by the media in party and awards events together and never in the news of separation. 

Victoria Imperioli and her husband Michael Imperioli at the event.
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Mother of Three Children

It is unbelievable that she is a mother of three grown-up children. Firstly, she gave birth to her daughter name Isabella from her first marriage. However, her date of birth is not mentioned. 

Later, gave birth to two sons from her second marriage. In 1997, her baby boy name Vadim Imperioli was born, who has fellow his parent's footsteps as an actor. His made debut work was from the series "Detroit 1-8-1". He is also a comedian and Youtuber. In 2001, her second son David Imperioli came into this world. Currently, he is focused on his studies. 

Two sons Vadim Imperioli and David Imperioli with their father.
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Imperioli's Career 

Michael Imperioli is an American actor who is recognized for his work on HBO's "The Sopranos and 1990" and movie "Goodfellas". Also, he has signed on to the play as the lead role in the ABC TV show "Detroit 1-8-7", a drama series. 

Besides it, the actor is also an author and launched two books "Wild Side" and "The Perfume Burned His Eyes". Victoria's husband was nominated for a Golden Globe and five Emmy Awards and won an Emmy in 2004. He considers Victoria's as a lady behind his success who holds an estimated net worth to be $20 million. 


Before being the wife of Mr. Imperioli, the producer was married to a mysterious man. The couple were together for a short time and welcomed the daughter. Unfortunately, they couldn't take it so far and get divorced whereas their daughter's custody is given to the mother. 


Well, she has been into controversy when her elder son, Vadim Imperioli was arrested by police. He was doing spray painting of Sawatik on the wall of his college. He was charged with criminal mischief in the fourth degree and has an arraignment scheduled for January 17. Imperioli's bail was raised to $6,500.

Social Media

Although Victoria Imperioli is a famous celeb who likes to keep her personal life away from the limelight. She is not active neither on Instagram nor a Twitter account. We can only see her on her husband's Michael social media account. 

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