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Victoria DiGiorgio - John Gotti's wife

Published Mon Jul 25 2022 By chanel
Victoria DiGiorgio - John Gotti's wife

Victoria Digiorgio is best known for being the late John Gotti's wife. When his career was at its height, John ranked among the top figures in the American underworld, the nation's most potent criminal organization.

Eventually, Victoria entered the spotlight following the publication of the biography "Gotti: Grandfather and Son." She is currently leading a private life, yet years later, online users are still curious about her location.

Early Life

Victoria DiGiorgio, the daughter of an Italian-Russian father and a Russian-Jewish mother, was born on December 5, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York City, USA. She was raised in Queens and Brooklyn, and after her parents got divorced when she was just two years old, she moved in with her mother because she didn't get along with her father very well.

Victoria went to a neighborhood high school in Brooklyn, but it's not apparent what else she's studied or worked on. She has previously experienced significant health issues. Before 2013 she had a heart attack and a stroke.

Infamous Marriage

In 1958, Victoria DiGiorgio and John Gotti first crossed paths in a bar in New York City; this chance encounter resulted in a life filled with difficulties and anguish. Victoria struck John with her beauty at first sight, and they began dating despite being completely aware of his identity and line of work. Regardless, they lived in a modest Queens home when they wed four years later, on March 6, 1962.

Victoria DiGiorgio and John Gotti (IG)

Her spouse also made an effort to lead a regular life for a while by working as a truck driver and a presser in a coat factory. He quickly returned to a life of crime, though, and his family finally got involved. Gotti and Victoria DiGiorgio were wed from 1962 till his demise. Although the early years of her marriage were glamorous, she had difficulty in the later years.  Unverified rumors state that Victoria was previously married, although she hasn't spoken about it in the media.

Net Worth

Victoria Digiorgio's net worth is expected to exceed $3 million by 2022, owing primarily to the bequest left behind by her husband upon his death and the fortune she has amassed via her businesses. John Gotti remains one of the world's wealthiest criminals. His net worth is staggering at $30 million.

Following her mother's death, she inherited approximately $1 million, which included an ancestral mansion. She used to live in luxury because Gotti's big criminal organization earned him up to $20 million every year.


Angel, Victoria, John A. Jr., Frank, and Peter J. Gotti are among their five children; she also has more than two grandkids. But when he was just twelve years old, Frank was killed in a car accident. He was riding his bike down the street when a drunk motorist, later identified as the family neighbor John Favara, ran him over and pulled him over 200 feet before anybody noticed what had occurred. Due to the experience, Victoria developed depression and even considered suicide at one point. She stayed in bed and hardly tried to get out of it. When Favara attempted to apologize, she beat him with a bat. 

John took the family on an excursion outside the city to attempt to cheer them up, and when they got back, Favara was gone. Police concluded in 1980 that he was probably kidnapped and killed by Gotti's men when the family was on vacation. Later, hitman Richard Kuklinski came out and admitted that he had killed Favara as part of a string of murders he had committed for Gotti. The mob boss's offspring, however, claimed that their father was not involved in their neighbor's abduction. 

Victoria DiGiorgio and her daughter Victoria (IG)

Even her son John, Jr. joined the mafia, which caused her a great deal of distress. Her other kids made an effort to distance themselves from their family's troubled past. One of their children, Victoria, who bears her mother's name, even had a brief stint as the star of a reality show that demonstrated how the family continued to live luxuriously despite the claim that the majority of John Gotti's wealth had been seized after his arrest. She also published a book with the working title The Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti which was published in 1999.

Who was John Gotti? 

On October 27, 1940, John Joseph Gotti was born in The Bronx, New York City, USA. He was an Italian-American gangster who rose to become the head of the Gambino crime family in New York City. He was John Joseph Gotti's Sr.and Philomena Gotti's son who had 12 other children, five of whom joined the Gambino crime family? At the age of 12, John joined his first gang, and by the age of 16, he had made acquaintances with other lads who would later join the Gambino family. 

He was caught in February 1968 for stealing from United Airlines, and then again for stealing $50,000 worth of cigarettes while on bail - he served fewer than three years in prison for the United Airlines hijacking, and the charges for stealing cigarettes were dropped.

In Frame: John Joseph Gotti (IG)

In 1972, he became a capo in the Gambino family and was sentenced to four years in prison in June 1974 for killing McBratney, a man who killed Carlo Gambino's nephew. After the new Gambino family boss, Paul Castellano, was imprisoned in 1984, John was chosen to be the family's boss - he devised a plan to assassinate the boss after he was released from prison on 16 December 1985, and he declared the new boss at a meeting attended by 20 capos on 15 January 1986. The Gambino family grew to be the most powerful mafia in the United States, with an annual income of over $500 million. 

The American mafia gained strength during his rule, and his crime family engaged in a wide range of activities including drug trafficking, unlawful gambling, prostitution, extortion, racketeering, pornography, and many others. He began dressing more flamboyantly and spoke out more to the media as a result of the public's attention on him, gaining the moniker "The Dapper Don."


John Gotti was ultimately apprehended in 1991 with the assistance of his underboss Sammy the Bull, who was secretly cooperating with the FBI to bring him down in exchange for a lesser sentence. Sammy presented evidence of a wiretapped discussion with a mafia boss who admitted to multiple murders. He was convicted of various offenses the next year, including murder, tax evasion, racketeering, extortion, loansharking, and many others. This resulted in a life term in jail, thus ending the mafia. He served most of his time in solitary confinement in the US Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois.

The guy was then transported to a Colorado Supermax jail after attempting to assassinate an inmate named Walter Johnson, however, the tale is rather murky, with denials among Gotti's family and allies. According to some accounts, he befriended various gangs, including African-American and Hispanic ones. Doctors diagnosed him with throat cancer in 1998, and he underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Despite the fact that the surgery was successful, the tumor resurfaced after two years, and he died from the condition in 2002. He was laid to rest next to his son, who had perished in a motorcycle crash many years earlier.

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