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LAHH's Veronica Vega Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

Published Mon Sep 16 2019 By DGM
LAHH's Veronica Vega Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

The famous American reality television star and singer Veronica Vega has been included in some of the rumors that she went under the knife and had some changes to her body. She has a small tattoo inked on her belly.

Vega has denied all the rumors that she gets regarding her body and says that her body is truly natural. Here is everything about the surgery rumors and the tattoo that the star has on her body:

Veronica Vega Before & After

The 28 years old singer has been successful in altering the appearance of her body at some extent because there have been certain transformations that are trending a lot about her. She is insinuated to have implants on her body to gain extra raise and increase in their size.

A picture of Veronica Vega Before (left) and After (right).
Veronica Vega Before (left) and After (right).

As you can see, there might have been some changes on the body of the eminent celebrity who has a net worth of $500,000. The rumors appear to be partially true at some point.

Breast Implants

One of the main cast members of the 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami (LHHM)', Veronica Vega has been facing rumors of having breast implants for a long time now as her breasts' size has seemingly increased if we compare to how she used to have in the past. 

In the past, Vega's breasts weren't much bigger and just average-sized but currently, they appear a lot bigger and raised than ever. This can be achieved at a short time only through plastic surgery which the star has been speculated for. 

But she might also have put an extreme effort and workout to bring the raise and change in her breasts. However she achieved them, she looks absolutely slaying and stunning.

Buttocks Implants

People have been talking a lot about the fact that the wonderful actress had implants on her buttocks to enlarge the size and appearance of it. This seems quite reasonable too because she has been flaunting her rear end in her Instagram pictures a lot recently. Could this be the outcome of buttocks implants that she had?

A picture of Veronica Vega before (left) and after (right).
Veronica Vega before (left) and after (right).

As the star has denied the accusations several times, there are no exact proofs that she indeed went under the knife and had implants. Plus, the raise and fullness in the size of the star's breasts could also possibly be because of all the time that she spends in the gym trying to perfect her curves.

Tattoo & Its Meaning

Veronica Vega has two small tattoos inked on her belly which is located at each side side of her belly, but not near the waist. And as the tattoo is covered up with her clothes, it is difficult to identify what her tattoo exactly is. It can be either a symbol of writing of some kind.

A picture of small tattoos of Veronica Vega.
Two Small tattoos of Veronica Vega.

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