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Meet Vanessa Murdock - Facts About American Meteorologist

Published Sat Jun 05 2021 By sonalama
Meet Vanessa Murdock - Facts About American Meteorologist

Vanessa Murdock is a certified broadcast meteorologist in the United States. She is a fellow member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) as well as the National Weather Association (NWA).

Murdock was born on Long Island, New York, in the United States of America in 1978. Furthermore, she received her Master's degree in Meteorology from Penn State University.

Have a look at the below information to know more about her.

Professional Career

She went to Central Virginia after graduating and started working as a Broadcast Meteorologist at WCAV/WVAW/WAHU. She also served as an evening weather anchor for two years at ABC and FOX affiliates. 

She went on to forecast for villages all over the Mid-Atlantic coastline for nearly five years. She is currently employed as a broadcast meteorologist with CBS 2 Weather Team.

                                        Vanessa Murdock along with her co-worker Cindy at CBS New York.                                                    Image Source: Instagram

Furthermore, she also teaches meteorology as an adjunct professor at Virginia Wesleyan College and has been nominated for Emmy Awards for her performance on television.

What's Her Net Worth?

Vanessa Murdock's net worth is reported to be over $2 million, which she acquired through her work as a meteorologist. She has worked as a meteorologist for numerous news networks and has earned a good living so far. In addition, she earns a tidy $80,000 a year and lives a wonderful and lavish lifestyle.

Married Woman

                                                      Vanessa Murdock's husband with their two daughters.                                                            Image Source: Instagram

The 43-year-old meteorologist Vanessa Murdock is a mother of two daughters and is currently married to her husband. However, she has done a good job of protecting their privacy, and no precise information about them has yet been revealed. The charming couple currently live in North Bergen, NJ, with their two daughters.

Social Media Presence.

Murdock is active on social media platforms but rarely posts on her social media accounts. She loves her dog Zeus and has posted a lot of photos of him on her Instagram account which has around 2.4k followers. Whereas, her Twitter account has average followers of around 8.5k.

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