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Late Chester Bennington’s Son - Tyler Lee Bennington With Ex-Spouse Talinda Bennington

Published Tue Oct 08 2019 By DGM
Late Chester Bennington’s Son - Tyler Lee Bennington With Ex-Spouse Talinda Bennington

Tyler Lee Bennington is the son of the late American singer and the lead singer of the famous American rock band 'Linkin Park,' Chester Bennington. He was born on March 16, 2006, to parents Chester and his ex-wife Talinda Bennington.

The 'Tyler' is originated from old English literature and refers to 'one who makes tiles.' As for the name 'Lee', it is also derived from English origin which means 'meadow, pasture.' Check out facts about him given below:

Wealthy Father 

Lee's father Chris Bennington was one of the richest musicians who held an amazing net worth of $30 during his lifetime. He was able to amass such an appreciable fortune from his incredible career as the singer and songwriter of his band.

Parents' Relationship

Tyler Lee Benningtonr's Parents Chester and Talinda were married for twelve years before the death of the singer tore them apart. The couple walked down the aisle back in 2005 soon after Bennington's divorce with Samantha Marie Olit was finalized. 

Bennington with Olit gave birth to three kids from their marriage from which two were twins. They were living a happily married life until 2017 when Bennington passed away at their apartment.

A picture of Tyler's parents Chester Bennington and Talinda Bennington.
Tyler's parents Chester Bennington and Talinda Bennington.
Image Source: People

Two Siblings

The 13 years old son of Bennington has two younger siblings from his parents. Both of them are sisters whose name are Lila Bennington and Lily Bennington. Interesting thing about them is that they are twins. They are so cute and adorable like their father and also inherit some beauty from their mamma too.

Three Half-Siblings

Not only siblings, Tyler also has three half-siblings from his father and his previous relationships. All three of them are his elder brothers and are Jaime Bennington, Isaiah Bennington, and Draven Sebastian Bennington

Jaime and Isaiah are from his father and his ex-girlfriend Elka Brand where Jaime is the eldest and Isaiah is the youngest. Draven was born from Chester and his ex-wife Samantha Marie Olit. 

A picture of Tyler with his parents and all siblings.
Tyler Lee Bennington with his parents and all siblings.
Image Source: NY Daily News

Dad Committed Sucide

Chester Bennington committed suicide by hanging himself on his ceiling in their apartment in California on July 20, 2017. The root cause behind him taking his own life was depression and addiction to substance use. He was fighting with depression and mental illness for a very long time but he never used to show them which eventually was killing himself day by day from the inside. 

The tragic death of the musician brought great sorrow and heartbreaks in his family.

Wrote A Special Note to Father Before His Death

It was a week before the tragic death of Bennington, his son Tyler Lee Bennington wrote a note to him on his coffee mug. The note was actually a post-it note where the 13 years old tried to tell his father to enjoy his life and love life. The note actually read:

"Dad, enjoy your rehearsal or whatever your doing today, Love life because it’s a ‘Casltel of Glass."

Here Lee probably mis-wrote the word castle with casltel but it is obvious to find the meaning out of the line. However, it is very sad that Chester committed suicide just week after his son told him love his life. It must have been a very painful moment for the child.

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