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Troy Dendekker

Published Thu Apr 20 2023 By sush
Troy Dendekker

Do you remember the late musician and lead singer of the band, Sublime, Bradley Nowell? He died a tragic death after submitting to drugs in the mids of the band's tour. Even more so, you probably remember his wife, Troy Dendekker, whom he left behind just after a week after their wedding.

Troy Dendekker is a social media personality who is best known as the wife of the late American singer and musician, Bradley Nowell. She came to recognition with her wedding with the artist. However, she gained the sympathy and condolences of the nation after the news of Bradley's passing came just after a week after their wedding due to a Heroin overdose. 

Back then, people sympathized with this poor woman. However, since the death of Troy's husband, she has now been making her presence as a media personality. And with that, she also became a drug activist and spreads awareness through all sorts of measures after she lost Bradley to drugs and became a strong example for society. Such a strong woman, isn't she?

What Is The Net Worth Of Troy Dendekker?

The net worth of Troy Dendekker is estimated to be over $1 million. However, there's no information about her career and profession. So, the physical figures of her salary also can't be determined. 

Troy Dendekker at Steady Beat Records.
Troy Dendekker at Steady Beat Records. (Source: Instagram @mamatroypma)

It's likely that Troy was handed all of Bradley's money after his death. But there's no proof that she actually got all his property and fortune. However, it's for sure that though she isn't much rich, she is living well and has enough money to spend days without worrying about anything.  

Early Life And Education

Troy Dendekker was born on March 4, 1971. She was born and brought up in Columbia, South Carolina, United States. Moreover, as reported, she is the daughter of Robin Newton and David Newton. And she is from a Caucasian household. 

Troy Dendekker's parents, David Newton and Robin Newton.
Troy Dendekker's parents, David Newton and Robin Newton. (Source: Instagram @mamatroypma)

Unfortunately, there's not much information about Troy's parents and early life. Regarding her education, it is reported that she went to Notre Dame High School. However, there's no information about her later studies. 

Troy's First Marriage

As already mentioned, Troy Dendekker came to recognition after her marriage to the American musician, Bradley Lowell. According to sources, they met in the early 1990s through their mutual friends. Soon enough, they started dating and eventually welcomed their first child together on June 5, 1995. 

Troy Dendekker and her late husband, Bradley Nowell.
Troy Dendekker and her late husband, Bradley Nowell. (Source: Celebsuburb)

A year later, the couple Troy and Bradley finally decided to be tied by vows and got married. They got wed on May 18, 1996. Moreover, their wedding ceremony was held in Las Vegas and had a lavish Hawaiian theme. However, just after a week after their wedding, news came that the musician sadly passed away. 

Troy Dendekker's Husband Died After Just A Week Of Their Wedding

After seven days of getting married to Troy, Bradley died of a Heroin overdose on May 25, 1996. Moreover, he was found at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco. At the time, he and his band were on their five-day tour of North Carolina. 

The musician, Bradley Nowell got involved with drugs and substances when he was in his school days. And as reported, he had been refusing to take heroin for years. However, after his band got successful, he started taking it. 

Not only that but also Bradley was struggling with worsening addiction throughout his career with his band. He had reportedly become sober after the birth of his son to become a better father to the son. However, he relapsed the year he got wed to Tory and faced death due to an overdose. 

Bradley's bandmate or the band's drummer, Bud Gaugh was the first one to discover Bradley's dead body which was on the floor. As reported, he actually thought that Bradley was sleeping on the floor and was too intoxicated to go to bed. However, he realized that it was more than that when he saw the yellow film around Bradley's lips. 

What Happened To Troy Dendekker After Bradley's Death: Did She Move On?

Troy was more than just heartbroken after the death of her husband, Bradley after just a mere week of being married. It was a traumatizing experience for her which was expected to scar her for life. But eventually, she moved on from the traumatizing death of her first husband. 

At the time, Troy is married to a man called Kiki Holmes. Reportedly, they started seeing each other after a few years of Bradley's death. After sharing a few years together, the couple got wed on November 1, 2002, in a private ceremony. 

Troy Dendekker and her second husband, Kiki Holmes. 
Troy Dendekker and her second husband, Kiki Holmes. (Source: IQ Wiki)

Troy's second marriage also didn't last. And reportedly, the couple got filed for divorce on July 25, 2018, after being together for nearly 15 years. And as it seems, the couple ended off as friends, are still on good terms, and don't have a cold relationship. 

How Many Kids Does Troy Have? 

As already mentioned, Troy had a child with her the then-husband, Bradley Nowell. Moreover, she had him even before marrying Bradley. She welcomed her first child, a son named Jakob James Nowell on June 25, 1995. She gave birth to him in Long Beach, California. 

After Troy's second marriage, she welcomed three daughters with her second partner. Her daughters are Mary Jane, Erica Angel, and Rudi. However, though she posts about her kids sometimes on her social media, she doesn't talk much about them. 

Troy Dendekker with all her kids, celebrating her first son, Jakob James Nowell's 25th birthday.
Troy Dendekker with all her kids, celebrating her first son, Jakob James Nowell's 25th birthday. (Source: Instagram @mamatroypma)

Like Bradley, his son Jakob James Nowell is also a musician. He is also the lead singer and guitarist of a band named Law. He started the band with Dakota Ethridge, the band's bassist, and Nicholas Aguilar who is the band's drummer, back in 2013.  

Started Anti-Drug Series And Campaigns

After Troy lost her husband, Bradley Nowell to drugs, she started getting involved in anti-drug activities. If it hadn't been for the loss of her husband, it would be something she would have never done. 

As per the report, soon after Bradley's death, Troy contacted his band's record label. She also got hold of the head of the entertainment company, Paul Ruffino. Then, she worked along with the label and collaborated with the American singer, Courtney Love. 

With the collaboration, they made a television series that focused on making Americans drug-free. Also, the show also did its best to encourage breaking drugs from the music industry.

Instagram Handle

On Instagram, Troy is available under the username @mamatroypma. Moreover, she has gathered a considerable community of over 18k followers and has quite a presence. And it seems, she isn't available on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

Though Troy is only available on Instagram, she makes sure to connect with her fans and guide them through the platform. She shares her moments with them and also shares life lessons that she has learned. And because she is so grounded and honest, people love her. 


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