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About Trisha Hershberger - Know This Beautiful YouTuber and Influencer

Published Tue Dec 01 2020 By Aashika
About Trisha Hershberger - Know This Beautiful YouTuber and Influencer

Trisha Hershberger is a social influencer who has appeared on Youtube channels like EpicMealTime, D News, and so on. She is popular for co-hosting the 'SourceFed' series for which she has received an 'Audience Choice' award. 

On 18th September 1982, Hershberger was born and raised in the city of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, the United States. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Theatre of Arts and Theology from DeSales University. 

To know a little more facts about Hershberger's read the below paragraph. 

Net Worth and Earnings

Trisha Hershberger holds an estimated net worth of $2 million. She earns a massive amount of worth as a YouTuber and co-host. She reached the peak of her career from 'SourceFed' as a co-host. 

Then, in 2010 started making a career on the Youtube page and created the channel 'Trisha Hershberger'. Her channel's content is for gamers with subscribers over 154k. 

The live stream in the 'Movie-Movie' Game with other gamers.
Image Source: Youtube

Company Owner

'Kington Technology' host started her business and owned the digital production company, 'FunSized Vids'. Her company has been working for creating content for Caffeine, Newegg & Kingston Technology as well as her own Facebook, YouTube & Twitch channels. She has currently signed the deal with Bohemia Group in Los Angeles & repped by Innovative Artists.

Husband: Nate Parker 

Hershberger is the wife of a singer and accountant, Nate Parker. They dated for a long period and walked into the aisle on 23rd October 2015. The couple is happily living for 5 years and has one child. The two equally managed their personal and professional life. 

Trisha Hershberger taking a selfie with her husband Nate Parker.
Image Source: Twitter 

Son - Logan Parker

Logan Parker is the only child of Trisha and Nate who was born in 2017. The 3 years of Logan is already been featured in his mother's Youtube channel many times. He is also like his mother and loves to play video games. 

A picture with a son Logan Parker. 
Image Source: Twitter

Life Before YouTuber

The successful YouTuber, Trisha was interested to become an actress. In fact, from the age of 5, she acted in territorial theater. Likewise, she has worked in the movies like 'Driller', 'Death From Beyond I & II', 'The Last One', and many more in Hollywood projects. After being an actor, a social influencer walked into the modeling industry and also won the title 'Miss Pennsylvania' in 2002.

Appreciated For Works

A social media personality, she has also been honored as a State Champion Public Speaker. She won two Streamy Awards as a full-time cast member with Sourcefed & SourcefedNerd. 

Fitness Freak

The actress has been maintaining her body by yoga and exercise. Her slim and trim body can be seen in the pictures. She does modeling for swimsuits where Hershberger looks hot and gorgeous.

Trisha Hershberger looking hot in the black swimsuit.
Image Source: Reddit 

Presence on Social Media 

Trisha Hershberger actively uses social sites. She has her account on five apps Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube. On the social side, there are thousands of followers where she often shares pictures and videos. 

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