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Get to Know Tracey Anthony - All The Facts That Are Untold About Her With Pictures

Published Sat May 15 2021 By sonalama
Get to Know Tracey Anthony - All The Facts That Are Untold About Her With Pictures

Tracey Anthony is a true professional meteorologist, journalist as well and anchor. She is known to be a multitasker who gives out her full potential in her work. 

The Beautiful journalist was born in the early '90s in Minnesota, U.S.A. Tracey and her sister were raised by their parents, Casey Marie Anthony and George Anthony. Later, she graduated from St.Cloud State University with a degree in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology.

Have a look below to know more about her.

                        Tracey Anthony with her dad to watch a baseball match.                                 Image Source: Instagram/  (@traceyanthony_)

What's her Net Worth??

Tracey Anthony has been working diligently in her profession as a meteorologist as well as an anchor. It seems that she has accumulated a handsome amount of net worth which is estimated to be $1 million U.S.D. She also earns around $38 k salary per year as a full-time meteorologist.


Talking about Tracey's relationship, there has been no special information about her dating issues. Currently, Miss Anthony is single and she really maintains her private love life out of the spotlight. 

                                                                     Tracey and her colleague Andy.                                                                                 Image Source: Instagram/  (@traceyanthony_)

However, Tracey has been seen hanging out with her colleague Andy and keeps updating about them in her Instagram post as well. It seems quite suspicious to the public whether the two colleagues are just best friends or are dating each other. Still, there is no confirmation from both sides about being in a relationship.

About her career

Anthony first began her career as an employee at WeatherNation. She was appointed as an Associate Producer for about two years. Back in May 2013, she worked as an NFL Cheerleader for Minnesota Vikings Football. She also worked as Broadcast Meteorologist at KARE II.

She was working as a morning meteorologist at WTAP for about nine months and again returned back to WeatherNation in 2015 as a full-time meteorologist.

Tracey reporting the weather as a meteorologist.
Image Source: Cord Cutters News

Social Media Presence

Miss Anthony is quite active in her social media account. She has a Twitter and an Instagram account where she keeps updating about her work-life, family, friends, and travel photos. One can check out her social media account to get more updates about her life. However, it seems that she is perfect in maintaining her professional and personal life.

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