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Facts About Tony Hale - American Actor From "Arrested Development"

Published Tue Oct 29 2019 By aisha
Facts About Tony Hale - American Actor From "Arrested Development"

Tony Hale is an American actor and a comedian who is best known for his work in the Fox comedy series Arrested Development as neurotic Buster Bluth.

Tony is the son of Mike Hale and Rita Hale and was born on September 30, 1970. 

Here are 10 facts about Tony Hale;

What's his Net worth?

Tony Hale has an estimated net worth of $15 million and has accumulated $6 million from his TV and comedy alone. He has gathered his net worth from his famous movies and television series like Transformer: The Last Knight, Batman Ninja, community and many more.

House in Los Feliz

Tony Hale's traditional two storey house with a yellow door and a green lawn at front
Tony Hale house in Los Feliz worth $1.6 million
Image Source: Los Angeles Times 

Hale bought a house worth $1.35 million in Los Feliz area of Los Angeles which stands on 2,200 square feet land which includes four bedrooms and three bathrooms. In 2005, he updated the renovation of the house and now the house is worth $1.6 million.

Wife - Martel Thompson

Tony Hale married Martel Thompson who is a makeup and hairstylist. The couple tied their knot on May 24, 2003, and are living their happy life with their daughter.

Daughter - Loy Ann Hale

As we mentioned above about Tony and Martel have only a daughter, Loy Ann Hale who is 13 years old. She was born on Feb 24, 2006 in Los Angeles.

Emmy Award Winner 

Hale has won two Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Veep. He has been nominated for 27 awards while he has won 5 awards. 

Voice Acting

The 49 years old actor has given his voice to Forky in Toy Story 4, in Angry Birds to frictional character Ross / Cyrus / Mime and as Agent Suggs in Alvin and the chipmunks: The Road Chip. 

Feels Uncomfortable Watching Awkward Interaction

Hale is the best known for his funny moments and for his awkward characters but in real life he actually feels super uncomfortable watching it. He once said that playing awkward is very funny like awkward tension, awkward silence which makes his wife laugh so hard but at the same time he can't watch that kind of stuff.

Used to be Really Anxious

Tony Hale said that he has a dark reason why he plays an anxious character because he can relate it with his personal life experience. In past he was really anxious about everything and has been in many therapies to cure his anxiety, so he enjoys his real-life history to bring it in his reel life character.  

Body Measurement

Tony stands 6 feet 1 inch (cm) tall while weighing 80 kg. He has brown hair and eye color.

Worked in Volkswagen Commercial

Tony Hale has worked in a Volkswagen vehicle commercial in 1999, making his mark on Mr. Roboto. 

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