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Toni Yates

Published Mon Apr 24 2023 By sush
Toni Yates

Toni Yates is an American journalist who currently works as an anchor and reporter for WABC-TV, the flagship station of the ABC television network in New York City. After joining the station in 2006, she covered a wide range of stories, including breaking news, politics, and community issues. 

Yates is well known for her work as a journalist and television news anchor in the United States, particularly in the New York City area. She has earned a reputation for delivering accurate, insightful, and engaging news coverage, and has won numerous awards for her reporting, including a New York Emmy Award. 

In addition to her work as an anchor and reporter for WABC-TV, Yates is also a respected member of the community and has been involved in several philanthropic and charitable initiatives over the years. Her work in journalism and her dedication to giving back to the community have helped to make her a well-known and respected figure in the media industry.

Net Worth - How Rich Is Toni Yates?

Toni Yates is an American news reporter and anchor, who currently serves as Eyewitness News WABC-TV's New Jersey correspondent. She has been an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists and advocates for foundations that provide affordable education to young girls and women around the world. So, it's provident that she has made a good sum of money. 

Toni Yates on her social media
Toni Yates on her social media. (Source: Instagram @toniyates7)

While the exact details of Yates' finances are not publicly disclosed, it is estimated that Yates has a net worth of around $1 million, with an annual salary of over $100,000. According to ABC estimates, her net worth could range from $27,300 to $77,500, though her contract details have not been released. In addition to her successful career as a journalist, Yates has made other investments, bringing her estimated net worth to between $300,000 and $700,000 as of 2024.

Early Life And Education

Born on November 28, 1963, in the sunny city of Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Toni Yates is the daughter of Alton Yates and Gwen Yates. She grew up alongside her elder brother, Alton W. Yates II, and spent her childhood exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of her hometown.

Toni Yates' parents
Toni Yates' parents. (Source: Instagram @toniyates7)

After completing her primary education, Toni enrolled at Bishop Kenny High School, where she spent her teenage years honing her academic and social skills. It was during this time that she began to develop an interest in journalism and media, inspired by the power of communication to connect people from all walks of life.

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Following her graduation from high school, Toni decided to pursue her passion and enrolled at Florida State University to study Communications. During her time there, she immersed herself in the study of media and communication, learning about the latest techniques and tools used to convey information to a wide audience.

Yates' Previous Marriage And Kids

The ABC reporter, Toni Yates was previously married to a man named Arthur Fennell. However, there isn't much information about her previous marriage and partner. And so, the dates of her marriage and divorce aren't specified or known. However, Yates has three children from her marriage to Arthur. 

Toni Yates celebrating mother's day with her kids
Toni Yates celebrating Mother's day with her kids. (Source: Instagram @toniyates7)

Yates' kids are Gabriel Wendell Harvey, Alexis Naomi Fennell, and Sarah Austyn Fennell. Out of all, it seems that Yates is close to her son, Gabriel, and keeps posting along with him. 

What About Yates' Current Relationship Status? Is She Married? 

According to Factbio, Toni Yates is currently married to a man named Quin Martin. The source also states that the couple got married after getting engaged in 2018 and dating for a while. Moreover, their wedding ceremony was a private ceremony with just their close family and loved ones. 

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However, there is no verification of the information. Despite the news being unverified, Yates was indeed seeing a man. She was seen spending time with a man along with her kids. He has been seen joining them for family celebrations and even taking her kids to school. And so, she even referred to the man as a 'great guy' on her social media. 

Toni Yates with her alleged second partner, Quin Martin
Toni Yates with her alleged second partner, Quin Martin. (Source: Wikibio)

Also, in a heartwarming gesture on Mother's Day, her children shared a photo of her with the guy on Instagram, indicating that he has become an important part of their lives. Although the nature of Yates' relationship with the 'great guy' remains unknown, it is possible that they are together and already married as Factsbio suggests. 

A Look At Yates' Career

Toni Yates is an accomplished news reporter and anchorwoman with an extensive career spanning several years. She started her career in journalism shortly after she graduated from Florida State University when she landed her first job at WCTV-TV in Tallahassee, Florida. She worked as a news anchor and reporter for several years before moving to WABC-TV, where she currently works as their New Jersey reporter.

Throughout her career, Yates has covered a wide range of important events and stories. She has reported on some of the most significant news stories of our time, including the 9/11 attacks, the New York City blackout, and Hurricane Sandy. She has also covered local news and events, including political campaigns, community events, and crime stories.

Yates Working Toward Better Society: Encouraging Young Girls And Advocating People Of Color 

In addition to her work as a journalist, Yates is also an activist who supports foundations providing affordable education to young girls and women all over the world. She is passionate about using her platform to make a positive impact on society and to bring attention to important issues affecting women and minorities.

A picture of ABC-TV reporter, Toni Yates
A picture of ABC-TV reporter, Toni Yates. (Source: Instagram @toniyates7)

Throughout her academic journey, Yates embraced her African-American ethnicity and the rich cultural heritage that came with it. Her experiences and perspective on issues related to race and culture would later play a significant role in her career as a journalist and news anchor.

She is an honored member of the National Association of Black Journalists and has been nominated for several Emmy awards for her work as a news anchor and reporter. Her reporting has been recognized for its depth, accuracy, and impact on the community she serves. And so, Yates has been recognized for her work and has received several awards and accolades throughout her career. 

A Talented Individual: Worked As A Flight Attendant, A Licensed Real Estate Agent, And Many More

The ABC-TV reporter, Toni Yates is a talented individual, even besides her skills in reporting and hosting. But, did you know that the reporter also used to be a flight attendant? 

Before Yates became a journalist and started working for ABC-TV, she was a flight attendant. She used to work for Eastern Airlines. However, there are not many details lining up this fact. And, you may also that she is a personality who loves cooking. She is often seen sharing her recipes and culinary creations on social media. 

Also, Yates is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys running and weight training. She has participated in several marathons and triathlons. And to top it off, Yates is also a licensed real estate agent. Isn't she just great? A great reporter to Mom, a flight attendant, and a licensed real estate agent.  

Social Media Handles

On Instagram, Yates is available as @toniyates7. She has a big enough community of over 32.9k followers. 

Similarly, she is also active on Twitter under the same username as @ToniYates7. She has a comparatively lesser amount of followers; 21.9k on the platform as compared to Instagram.  

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