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Facts About Tom Stenberg - Actress Amandla Stenberg's Father

Published Sat Oct 09 2021 By monika
Facts About Tom Stenberg  - Actress Amandla Stenberg's Father

Tom Stenberg is the father of famous actress Amandla Stenberg with eye color black and brown hair. He is an American with a height of 5ft 5inches.

The President at Stanbery and Stanbery Process Service company, Mr. Stenberg was born in Greenland, Denmark on July 25 in 1952. Mr. Danish's mother had ancestry from Greenlandic Inuit.

Wife and Family

Wife and Daughter,

Tom Stenberg married his long-time girlfriend Karen Brailsford, who was with him since the '90s. Mrs. Stenberg is an African – American spiritual counselor as an intuitive creator who has also worked as a correspondent in PEOPLE'S Los Angles. 

They have a daughter Amandla who is an actress and also bisexual and pansexual. She was born on October 23, 1998, in Los Angeles,California, United States. Amandla means power or strength in the South African language.  


Tom Stenberg's net worth is more than $100,000 and has been working hard to provide everything to his daughters. Music lover Stenberg has featured several girls in the 2016 music video of Lemonade which took her to new hype.

Tom Stenberg living his luxurious

He has been living a luxurious life with his family.

Relation with his daughter Amandla

Being a fan of music, Mr. Stenberg loves playing guitar. He has taught music to his daughter Amandla, who loves to play guitar since her kinder garden. 

The Hunger Games actress Amandla has a duo with her father that has been spotted together at award functions as well as in show premieres. This shows the strong connection with his daughter.

 Angela is siling of actress Amandla from her next mother. She is the oldest daughter of her father Tom Stenberg.

Social Media

The wealthy man Mr.Stenberg is active on Twitter and tweets on the different scenario and have more than 250 followers.

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