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Facts About Tom Knight - English Musician

Published Thu Aug 08 2019 By Renan
Facts About Tom Knight - English Musician

Tom Knight is an English musician who is from Kent, also known as the garden of England. As a child he was always fond of singing and making music with some forms of instruments.

Knight's first experience came from Rochester Cathedral Choir. He performed Carmina Burmana in the Rochester Castle Gardens which become his memorable experience. 

What's his Net Worth?

Tom Knight has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as a musician. His earning includes sales record of his album. His concerts, tour, and events also contributes in his fortune.

Lavish Life

The British Singer is living a luxurious life. He spends most of time by travelling either with his band or privately. We can find his photos of tour to different destinations like Dubai, Oman, Cape Varde and so on.

Music Teacher in Secondary School

Being a musician, Tom has the qualification and skill of teaching music. He teaches KS3 & 4 in Music Secondary School and also in private tuition of singing. 

Tom Knight teaching piano.
Tom Knight teaching piano.

Musical Inspirations

The English Singer Tom Knight has many artists who inspired him in musical career of his life. Nate King Cole, Jimi Hendrix, Al Green and Stevie Wonder are his motivator singers.

Record Artist

The music teacher has also job that he does beside performing and singing. He has confidence in using recording software. Thus often we can find him recording other musics in studio.


As we already that he can sing, perform and record musics but we have no idea how talented he is. beyond these things, he can play guitar and piano, also he does swimming and writes songs on his own.

Memorable Moment

The late lead vocalist of the musical duo, Chas and Dave is one of the legendary musical artist. Not everyone can get the opportunity to work with him but Knight got the chance to perform with him and consider it as the memorable moment of his life.

Tom Knight performing with the legendary Chas Hodges.
Tom Knight performing with legendary Chas Hodges.
Image Source: Tom Knight Music.

Brand Endorsement

Tanglwood Acoustic Guitar is one of the best leading acoustic guitar seller of Britain. The company has endorsed Tom Knight to get the information about their wonderful range guitars and other musical equipment.

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