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Tom DeLonge's $80 Million Net Worth - Two Houses, Business and All His Earnings

Published Mon May 18 2020 By Aashika
Tom DeLonge's $80 Million Net Worth - Two Houses, Business and All His Earnings

Tom DeLonge has an enormous net worth of $80 million and he accumulated his huge fortune as a musician, singer, author, record producer, actor, and filmmaker. 

He is globally recognized as the lead guitarist and vocalist for bands such as Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves.   

Owner of Lavish House

The lead guitarist of Blink-182 bought a luxurious house in Del Mar which cost around $4 million in the market. He has another house which is located in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The cost of the second house is almost $3 million. He lives with his wife and family in the house in Del Mar.

DeLonge's luxurious house in Del Mar, California. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Car and Bikes Collections 

DeLonge has a collection of lavish cars and bikes. He has cars like Dodge Viper, Lamborghini, Ford Mustang, Honda Civic, Ford F-series, and many more. He has craziness about bikes, he has many models of bikes but his favorite bike is BMW Motorrad which he has posted on his Facebook account.

He shares his BMW Motorrad on his Facebook.
Image Source: Facebook

Highest Sales Albums

The great musician, DeLonge, and his band have sold more than 13 million records in the US and more than 50 million records worldwide. He has released numerous albums among them four albums are super-hits like Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, and Blink-182.

Moreover, his Enema of the Sates album and Blink-182 album has been certified 7 times Platinum by the RIAA and sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. In addition, Cheshire Cat has been certified Silver by the BPI.

Tom DeLonge and his band member.

Income From Movies and TV series

He is also an actor who has appeared in many TV series and short movies. Tom has played in movies like American Pie, Idle Hands, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, and many more. He has seen in TV series called Mad TV and The Simpsons. His acting skill also helps him to increase his wages.

Blink-182 on the TV series Mad TV.
Image Source: Pinterest

Director And Author

Tom DeLonge worked as a director in the music video for the song, "This Photograph is Proof (I Known You Know)" by Taking Back Sunday in 2004. He has worked in the film, Angles & Airwaves and also co-directed the animated short film, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. On the other hand, he is also an author of two books and three novels.

Investor of Business

Besides musician, he is also a businessman and earned more than $5 million. He started his business by holding a group named Really Likable People (RLP), with a US $20,000 investment. Then he served as the co-found which was website specializing in youth-branded apparel.

Similarly, he has his own clothing brand and shoe company called Atticus Clothing and Macbeth Footwear respectively.

Websites Earning

He is the founder of the technology and design firm, Modlife which handles the official websites and fan clubs for a range of artists. In 2007 he launched Strange Life, a website devoted to extraterrestrial life, paranormal activity, cryptozoology, and conspiracy theories. From the websites, he earns $2 million. 

Earning From Endorsement and Instagram 

Apart from his career as a musician and singer, he earns a handsome amount of money. He is endorsed by some brands company for the advertisement. He is sponsored by Ernie Ball, which manufactures all musical accessories. 

On the other hand, he generates around $1,1818-$3,030 per post from his social media account. He has 770.1k followers on Instagram account. 

Charity Works

The multi-talented musician has been involved in many charity organizations. He along with his band donated to Cancer Research from their collection of the music tour.

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