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Tom Cruise’s Face Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures Sparks Rumors

Published Thu Aug 15 2019 By DGM
Tom Cruise’s Face Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures Sparks Rumors

The famous American actor Tom Cruise has done a dental surgery and is also linked with various rumors of having three plastic surgeries on his face.

Cruise has openly admitted to his dental procedure as it was easily visible in his days of having the braces on his teeth. However, he has denied all the surgery rumors. Below is brief speculation of the possible surgery that the star has gone through:

Tom Before and After Surgery

Connor Cruise's father has transformed a lot through his career in Hollywood. Whether it be his nose or his face, there have been some noticeable differences in every part of his face. 

A before and after picture of Tom Cruise's changing face.
Tom Cruise before and after.
PC: Utah Plastic Surgery Pro

As we can see in the above-given picture, we can clearly see the changes in his face. He is rumored to have done a facelift, nose job, and Botox injections.

Dental Surgery

The $25 million worth Katie Holmes' ex-husband, Tom Cruise had a dental surgery to fix his crooked teeth. As we all know that he used to wear braces a long time ago. It was because he fixed his teeth which were irregularly shaped. He managed to achieve the perfect smile by putting braces on his teeth for a couple of years. 

The New York-born star had the dental surgery while in his 40s which worked perfectly for him as his teeth got into proper place giving him the smile that fans are crazy about.

Face Lift

Though Cruise is a handsome hunk, he admitted the fact that he's aging and he totally hates the creases that have appeared on his face. 

As he hates aging like everybody else, it is quite possible that he went for a face-lift surgery to get rid of the creases and fine lines on his face. His face usually had jawlines before but that is no longer the case. He face has become fine and smoother with no visible lines on his faces. 

A before and after picture of Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise's face has changed a lot throughout his career.
PC: Plastic Surgery People

Cruise's jawline has also become tightened and there are also changes in his eyebrows. The droops that he used to have on his face have also shockingly disappeared. Plus, his gum used to expose a little more when he smiled before but there is no exposure when he smiles these days. Therefore, it is likely that he indeed underwent a facelift procedure.

Nose Job

The Three times Golden Globe Award-winning actor Tom Cruise is also alleged to have a nose job. It is because his nose differs a lot if we compare his nose from the past and the present.

As you can see in his before we provided earlier, he used to have a round and wider nasal bridge with a larger tip. Currently, he has a considerable nose with smaller tip on his nose. That may be possibly the result of a surgeon's masterpiece.

Botox Injections

The 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' star is rumored to have used Botox injections on his face and gained the charm he has today. If we compare her before and after pictures carefully, we can easily notice that he looks much like a 30 years old person despite being nearly 60 years old.

Cruise even had a chubby and swollen face when he came to the promotion of one of his movies which created a lot of buzzes. This strongly insinuates that he is quite familiar with the Botox.

A before and after picture of Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise before (left) and after (right).
PC: Utah Plastic Surgery Pro

As you can see in the given picture, Tom who is worth $570 million, doesn't have many aging symptoms like wrinkles and dark circles on his face. It is not so easy to maintain or stop those symptoms once you start becoming old. His swollen face which we talked earlier can also be seen in the right picture. 

Cruise has only a few aging symptoms and is still as young and handsome as a person in his twenties. It is very incredible how he has managed to maintain such a youthful face. He is way too young and gorgeous for people of his age. There are high chances that he indeed opted for the cosmetic injections on his face. 

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