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Facts About LAHH Star Tokyo Vanity

Published Thu Aug 01 2019 By DGM
Facts About LAHH Star Tokyo Vanity

Tokyo Vanity is an American musical artist and a reality television personality who rose to fame after releasing the song 'That's My Best Friend' which was a massive hit. 

Vanity got her second breakthrough after she appeared in the hit VH1 show 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LAHHA)'.

Tokyo was born on the 28th of September, 1994 in New Orleans, Louisiana of the United States. Here are 10 facts about her:

What's her Net Worth?

Tokyo holds a thrilling net worth of $400,000 which she has been able to amass from her successful career as a musician and television personality. She bags the majority of her income as a singer and rapper.

Rides Lavish Cars & Van

The LAHHA star has spent some amount from her massive bank balance on buying some of the sweetest rides that money can offer. She has bought three lavish black cars which are worth at least at minimum price of $30,000 each. Plus, she also is the owner of a luxurious black van worth $20,00-$40,000. No doubt how that the rapper has such a huge net worth.


The eminent actress also doesn't mind spending some dollars on inking on her body. Yes, she seems to be absolutely loving tattoos because she has inked multiple tattoos on her body. Both her hands are filled with inks which shows how much of a passion the star has for tatts.

Hasn't Revealed Her Real Name

The 'Gold Digga' singer hasn't revealed her real name in front of the world and her fans. She has kept her name private and says that her name is Tokyo and won't tell anybody about her actual name. 

While there have been speculations that her real name is Shantell Allen, she hasn't confirmed it by herself. We are very much curious about knowing her real name!

A picture of Tokyo Vanity flaunting her beautiful body.
Tokyo Vanity flaunting her beautiful body.

Has an Instagram Account for Her Dog

Did we mention that the bold and stylish actress is a vivid dog lover and even owns a cute fluffy bulldog whom she considers her fur baby or son. 

Vanity has uploaded several pictures and videos showing and spending her time with her Fido on her Instagram. The most interesting thing about it is that she has made an Instagram account for her dog which has over 16k followers. There, she has uploaded pictures of her cute little dog spending time and playing with her.

Loving Boyfriend 

The 24 years old (as of July 2019) rapper Tokyo is in a lovely relationship with a man named Jayy. Though she hasn't shared any further details about him, she keeps on uploading pictures and videos with him on her IG. 

The two of them are seen spending a lovely and romantic time together. Tokyo's boyfriend, unlike most men who go for physical appearance hasn't gone for her looks. Despite being a fat woman, her boyfriend has loved her heart, not her body. Therefore, she is blessed to have such a wonderful partner.

A picture of Tokyo Vanity with her boyfriend, Jayy.
Tokyo Vanity with her boyfriend, Jayy.

The First Virgin Cast in LAHH Franchise History

It would be strange to hear but the 'Get the Money' rapper is actually the one and only virgin cast member in the Love & Hip Hop franchise history. No one else in the show's history has been virgin and hence, she set the record of being the first ever virgin in the LAHH franchise.

Best Friend

Hayy's girlfriend is the best friend of another fellow rap artist Bobby Jean for a very long time. The two met many years ago when Tokyo was beginning her rapping career. The two hold each other's back for good and truly define the meaning of friendship.

A picture of Tokyo Vanity hugging her best friend, Bobby Jean (left).
Tokyo Vanity hugging her best friend, Bobby Jean.

Instagram Account

Vanity is very much active on her Instagram account which goes by the name @tokyoxvanity. She has a total of 2.1 m followers and has posted over 12,000 posts. She keeps her fans updated about the happenings in her life through her Instagram account. She uploads pictures and videos on a regular interval.

Education/Alma Mater

Tokyo Vanity completed her education and graduated from 'Huntington High School' which is located in Shreveport, Los Angeles.

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