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Get to Know Toie Roberts - Rick Ross' Daughter With 50 Cent's Ex Lastonia Liviston

Published Tue Mar 03 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Toie Roberts - Rick Ross' Daughter With 50 Cent's Ex Lastonia Liviston

Toie Roberts is rapper Rick Ross' daughter with Lastonia Leviston. Her father Rick Ross is a rapper and entrepreneur. 

Toie was born on March 17, 2002, in United Stated. She is the firstborn of the 'Golden Roses' rapper and his only child with Leviston.

Parents' Relationship

Toie Roberts's parents started dating back in 2000 and continued their relationship until they parented two children Toie and William together. However, the pair got separated in 2002.

Parents' Net worth

Toie's father, Rick Ross is a founder of a well-known record label “Maybech Music Group” and has a net worth of $4 million earned as a record producer, rapper and entrepreneur. 

Additionally, he was the first artist signed to Diddy’s management company Ciroc Entertainment. 

A picture of Toie Roberts posing with her parents.
Toie Roberts with her parents.
Image Source: Who's Dated Who

Lastonia Leviston, Roberts' mother, is an Afro-American woman with a massive fortune of $5 million.

Her wealth came from the compensation from her ex-boyfriend's long-term enemy, Rapper 50 Cents.

Rick Ross As A Loving Father To Marcy

Marcy and Rick share a special bond with each other. Though Rick is a world-known rapper, he still finds time for his family and especially for Toie, which shows that the Ross family shares a closely knotted bond.

The father-daughter duo is often caught touring, enjoying holidays together, or can even be caught clubbing. 

Younger Half-Siblings

Toie Roberts has three half-siblings William Roberts III, Billion Leonard Roberts and Berkeley Hermes from her father's relationship with other women. Her brother Billion was born on Nov 6, 2018, to Rick and his former girlfriend, model Briana Camille

Likewise, her half-sister Berkeley and brother William were born from Ross'es two different former partners.

In picture Toie Roberts all three half siblings.
Toie Roberts' three siblings.

Toie Robert Has Her own Clotting Line

Besides being a celebrity kid, Toie is also a social media influencer and sells her favorite designs right from her personal social media. 

She is a good business-person and merchandiser and to increase the product popularity, and sells beauty products such as hair extensions, accessories, dresses, jumpsuits, and more via her official outlets.

Rumors of Toie's Pregnancy

In September 2019, rumors about Toie's pregnancy spread after her mother hinted that her daughter was pregnant in an interview.

Following her mother's interview, she quickly posted a picture with baby bumps on her official Instagram to troll the media. Later, she denied the pregnancy rumors, posting a flat tummy again in her IG.

Reportedly, her father Rick Ross was pretty disappointed over the fake news of his lovely daughter Toie's pregnancy.

Toie Robert's Half Sibling Billion Leonard Robert

Toie Robert now has a tiny toddler brother. Billion Leonard Robert was born on Nov 6, 2018, to Rick Ross and Briana Camille. Small Billion got famous after his parents posted his picture on their social media.

Rick and Briana seemed proud to share their fourth child's photo on their social media.

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