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Businessman Tim Norman Net Worth Who Went a Decade to Prison For as a Convicted Felon

Published Thu Sep 23 2021 By Kri
Businessman Tim Norman Net Worth Who Went a Decade to Prison For as a Convicted Felon

Tim Norman is an American entrepreneur, an owner of "Sweetie Pie's", a restaurant business. Tim is recognized as an individual with great entrepreneurship skills. 

Moreover, he is also a television personality whose restaurant "Sweetie Pie" was featured as a reality show "Welcome To Sweetie Pie's". 

With his restaurant business and as a television personality Tim Norman has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand. 

Supportive Mother- Earned his own Freedom

Sweetie Pie's is the family business of Tim. The business is run together by all the Norman family. Tim was in prison for ten years of his life on the accusations of conspiring murder along with his nephew. The ten years of prison life was very hard on Tim.

Tim Norman in front of the Sweetie Pie's branch
Source: Instagram/@the_timnorman

However, after he got out of prison he was supported by his mother, who ran the Sweetie Pie's business. With all the trust from his mother, he was handed done the family business. 

Through which he was able to earn his keep. The trust bu his mother earned him the opportunity to live freely and earn freely through the business. 

Welcome To Sweetie Pie's

Norman's income and wealth kept increasing through his restaurant business. His earnings were also supported greatly when the restaurant business was made to a reality television program named "Welcome To Sweetie Pie's". 

Tim Norman and the family for the poster of "Welcome To Sweetie Pie's"

The reality show was a success and ended up being made up to its gift season. the show aired from 2012 to 2018. This has helped Tim pocket a great sum of money. 

As A Musician And Producer

Tim had a childhood dream of becoming a musician and producer. He fulfilled his childhood dream and produced music of his own. He also has many self-produced songs on his Youtube channel. His career as a musician and producer is also a source of his wealth and income. 

Earning as an Author

Norman is also an author alongside being an entrepreneur, musician, and producer. He is the author of "Helping Your Husband With ADHD: Supportive Solutions for Adults ADD/ADHD". 


Tim Norman in his car
Source: Instagram/@the_timnorman

The exact details about Tim Norman's property are not available however, we can see through his social media of him living a very luxurious life. He has shared many videos and photos of him riding in his luxury car and living in a luxury home with a huge backyard and swimming pool. 

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